Blue Whale Media Create VOCLA

VOCLA™ is a global online retailer of men’s underwear, swimwear & fetishwear. With over 1200 styles available, VOCLA holds the UK’s largest range of ADDICTED, Andrew Christian, CellBlock 13, Maskulo and Modus Vivendi and is an authorized retailer for all the brands. VOCLA holds a range of styles – jockstraps, briefs, boxers, swim briefs, shorts and fetish gear – in a variety of colours, fabrics and technological innovations.

The Proposal

Website content and design have changed greatly over the last decade or so. VOCLA wanted to update their site to look more modern with a new colour scheme, a modern website is crucial to marketing success, and its importance is often underestimated. VOCLA also wanted to improve the usability of the site with new features to help the customer experience and increase conversion. The website had to be well-designed and responsive and optimized for search based on keyword research.

The client needs to be able to update the site once live with new products, images etc. We, therefore, decided it would be best to be built in a content management system (CMS) platform, such as WordPress. A CMS platform is an application that enables you to edit, organize, design, and publish content to a customized website. Today it’s just about impossible to manage an effective website without a CMS.

The Process

When creating a site that will attract large amounts of traffic and involve many features it is important to have good foundations, I, therefore, made sure I did research for plugins that did what the client had requested. For example, VOCLA ships worldwide so the website had to support multiple currencies. However, I had to find a plugin that allows the price of a product to be manually changed in different currencies rather than it being set to be the current exchange rate. The plugin also has to be compatible with Braintree since the new site will be accepting Google and Apple pay.

The next step was the design element of the site, the new site would have dedicated brand pages for their top five brands of which the client had given us a design that they wanted to stick to. They also gave us the design they would like for the homepage. Making a website look as close as possible to a drawing made it somewhat difficult to maintain the design whilst still being functional. For example, in the footer design, the newsletter sign up box had to send the email entered by a customer to their MailChimp list whilst keeping to the design. The requirements for the site were lengthy and so was the design process.

The next step was one of the most important steps, adding the products. The products had been exported as a CSV document from another CMS system, WordPress didn’t allow us to import a CSV from the old CMS platform, we, therefore, had to translate the terms used and manually add the products. There were more than 1000 products each with attributes, tags, categories, swatches, size guides etc.

The Results

We successfully met all the requirements of the client and produced a high-quality, modern and functional website.