Website Design Trends for 2018

As a platform catering to your business and brand interests, your website needs to reflect latest design trends to be relevant to audiences. It is time to check what 2018 has brought in terms of website trends.

If your website is being maintained by a professional Alderley Edge website design agency, the team may already be at work, updating your website to the latest trends for more valuable results.

Content is Still Supreme

Your website should meet your audiences’ needs through content that:

  • Solves their problems
  • Raises their awareness through educative information
  • Is engaging and entertaining

Content aimed at making a sales pitch without any useful information for audiences is sure to drive them to competitor websites.

Textual content apart, video content will continue to play a key role in improving your brand connect.

Landing Pages will be in Focus

Visitors are directed to your landing pages after clicking a link on search engine result pages. Landing pages are set to assume more importance than a home page as conversions occur through these pages.

Professional Alderley Edge website design companies will place more emphasis on creating landing pages that fulfil needs of incoming visitors, to encourage conversion.

Design Shift – Style, Header and Colours

2018 will likely see a decrease in the use of flat designs – designs using minimal elements with focus on usability. While usability will continue to be important, design styles may focus more on being creative; style effects such as gradients and shadows may grab attention.

There will also be a major change in the way headlines are presented. Larger headlines in bold, sometimes even consuming the entire webpage, may not be uncommon. The aim here is to grab visitor attention and convey key information within seconds.

Safe, plain and professional colours will give way to bolder, electric and attractive ones. With current devices configured to display a range of colours, designers will use the freedom to experiment with colours hitherto considered unconventional. 

Customisation will be the Norm      

No more display of stock photos! Images of real people will be preferred. Similarly, use of Google Maps customised in terms of colours and function to reflect your brand is likely to increase.

Design trends change with time. It is important to not to follow the hype and adopt only those trends that would further your business goals. It would be prudent to be benefitted by an experienced Alderley Edge website design service rather than going for the design adoption process on your own.

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