Best practices of website Live Chat

Livechat is a significant trend in modern-day ecommerce and customer care service since it allows agents to serve their customers in real-time. Therefore, there are the do and don’ts that should be considered during any live chat experience. Some of these practices may be what will bring in or send away some customers. Ecommerce Warrington dictates the benefits of having live chats. There to enjoy all these advantages, the following practices may be considered:

Place the live chat window in the bottom right corner

Placing the live chat window in the bottom right corner is deemed as the first successful live chat experience. Setting the window at this position enhances the experience of customers with the different software of live chatting. Whenever a user, therefore, opens any window on the site, most of them go with their instincts of checking at the right lower corner.

Moreover, the window should be visible and recognizable. The colourfulness of the button will easily capture the attention of any customer without irritating them.

Set chat window on all webpages

Most people are most likely to proceed to the windows they are interested in rather than browsing to the home page first. This necessitates the need not only to place the window on the home page but also other webpages contained in a website. This will make customers happy and boost conversations and sales.

Take note of frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) are the commonly asked questions during most of the live chats. As a way of saving on time, agents should track these common questions and come up with standard questions. Taking note of FAQs also crucial in the prevention of giving out contradicting answers to the same issues.

Sound like a human

According to Ecommerce Warrington, there are different ways of sounding like a human during a live chat session. Sounding too quickly is a danger live chat practice, for instance. Be clear and polite to the customer. Don’t take advantage of the geographical disparity to look inhuman to any customer on line.

Average response rate

Emails are known for taking too much time for one to get responses, while phone calls can be put on hold to an unknown point before queries are answered to. Any agent should, therefore, be quick in responding to issues and concerns aired out by customers. A delay may prompt the customers to hang up as they turn to other options of buying or acquiring the services they require.

Make use of chat-bots

Chatbots are built to manage conversational marketing as well as taking over the whole presale process. Business can, therefore, use the chat-bots in making initial conversations more engaging.

Integration of CRM and system automation

System automation detects whenever someone has accessed a website and welcomes them through the Live Chat window. This makes it easier for people to recognize the presence of an integrated chatbot on the website. Moreover, the automated system can gather information about other user concerns, then store the responses, which it will, in turn, refer to when answering related customer queries in the future.

Having a live chat does not guarantee business success. Using these best practices will be of help to your customers and other people who visit the website. For any queries on these practices, Ecommerce Warrington is your ultimate solution.

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