Make sure your website makes a good impression on your visitors and customers.

How to make sure your website makes a great impression

It takes just a few seconds for visitors to create an opinion about your website. Although website contents like reviews, high-quality content, and SEO can contribute to the traffic of your website. However, first impressions are primarily based on things that online users immediately experience when they click on your site. 

Your customer’s perception of your business is crucial in building your brand identity. Living in a world where everything has become online, a website becomes the face of your brand. Given the fact that there is an aggressive migration of offline businesses into the online

portal, your website becomes the most effective asset in creating the first impression.

Why is the first impression so important?

The virtual reality is an unforgiving world, and visitors will skip away from your website in seconds if they do not find relevance in it. The problem with many business website designs is that they lack the essence of making a first good impression. With the intention of putting all their business operatives and cycles into one place, their websites end up looking messy. To make visitors stay on your site, you have to give them what they came searching for in the first place.

The whole point of your website should be to educate consumers about your business, what you offer, and how you can be of service to people. Maintain a focus for your website so that the end-users are given what they need. If you are planning to start a website for your business, then this article will be helpful. These guidelines will guide you through the key principles of making a great first impression and attracting people back to your website.

Understanding your target visitors

Having a minimalistic approach for your website is a good idea, but you need to understand that every business has a different target audience. Your website should be in tune with what your business is about. Get a clear picture of who your target audience is and what you have to offer them.

Your website needs to let the visitor understand in seconds about the core nature of your business. A business website should reflect the essence of the products or services you can provide. Integrating your site to the latest domain is not going to help you gain potential customers. The only way you can attract people to your site and retain their loyalty is by knowing your audience and resonating your brand with their requirements.

Create a Responsive Site

You need to realize that more than half of the users will be viewing your site from their mobile phones or portable devices. We live in a generation where people are always on the go, which makes using the internet from phones more feasible. Without a responsive site, your visitors are going to be frustrated with the distortion of the pages. The time it will take to load a single page will make your site visitors exit instantly.

However, if your site has a responsive design, then the pages will automatically adjust with the size of any screen and enhance the user’s experience. An unresponsive site will drive away visitors and also lower your ranking in the search results. This, in return, will hamper the number of your site’s traffic.

Adopting a Functional Design

Studies have indicated that a large percentage of internet users will not engage with a website if the design is unappealing. The appearance of your site matters a lot because it is the face of your brand. It will take a fraction of seconds for the visitor to leave your site if they aren’t convinced by what they see.

If your site’s content, layout, and pages haven’t been updated in a while, then it is high time that you get your work started on it. All the contents in your webpages have to be precise and up to point if you want to keep visitors lingering longer. Get rid of all those unwanted menu bars and make your site attractive and informative.

Driving Traffic with Content

The credibility of your site will speak for itself when it has quality content. Your visitors will first and foremost click on your homepage. You have to make sure that the homepage contains briefs about your business with the contents directed towards the target audience.

The homepage of your website should be filled with crisp contents to give enough information to the visitors. Any typos or grammatical errors can have a bad impact, so be sure to check the contents thoroughly.

Always remember to add good quality photographs on your webpages. The quality of the photographs should be clear, but note the size of the file. Big sized files will slow the loading time of your pages and drive away people.

Loading Speed

Internet users will only wait 2 seconds for your site to load and move on. You will lose substantial traffic if your site takes a long time to load. Any website loading time above 3 seconds is a lot in the internet world. When your site drives away people, your business is losing potential customers, which will then affect your sales.

Remove any unnecessary contents from your site as they take up spaces and data. Let your visitors have a user-friendly experience whenever they visit your site.

Secure your Website

When you are drawing visitors to your site, you are also taking the responsibility to secure their privacy. Integrate your site with an encrypted security system. If you are still using the older version of HTTP, then Google Chrome will send a ‘Not Secure’ warning to the end-user. This will instantly divert the user away from your site. Upgrade your site to HTTPS in order to secure the contents of your site as well as maintain the security of your site visitors.

Leave a Good Impression

The first impression matters the most in the internet world. You cannot undo the impression you make on your target audience in this case, as you cannot meet them in person. It is important to fix the errors and make adjustments before your website goes live.

Do not scare-away your audience with too much information at one time because it is going to do more harm than good. Keep your website clean and interactive so that when a new user visits your website, they will be able to gather enough information about your business.