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CPS Landscapes


CPS Landscapes is a trusted partner for fencing, landscaping and decking gardens, they are committed to beautifying homes, gardens, or any outdoor space from sprawling country estates to city roof terraces.

What We Did.
Our website design team created a new website that is easy on the eyes and along with showing the company to be trustworthy and well established. The website has the colour scheme of CPS Landscapes brand colours, this enhances their brand identity as well as ensuring customers are more likely to stay on the website.

We created an uncluttered design to showcase their business and services, ensuring that the content is easily readable to the website visitors.

In addition, our web design team incorporated hover animation when users move the cursor and page animation throughout the website pages to ensure it is engaging and interesting.

Biggest Change.
With a website rebuild, it’s obvious that you’ll notice a lot of changes. For CPS Landscapes, we focused a lot on the design but more importantly the subtle addition of animation. By including this, it allows the content to flow naturally with the page and also keep new users engaged with the site. Moving forward, the company should see people staying on the website for longer.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 13.10.2014