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Dew Food & Cake.


Shabnam runs dew Food and Cake; she is skilled in creating Persian food and Celebration cakes. Her talent has developed from a very young age; her love for cooking and baking came from her grandmother and the generations of recipes she got from her ancestors.

What We Did.

At Blue Whale Media, our team have created a website for Dew Food and Cake that is unique and beautifully designed; it showcases who the company is and what they do. The background of the website pages have a pattern; this provides engagement and intrigue to the users and matches the uniquely designed sections of the pages. Though, this is subtle enough to not distract from the information provided. The use of coloured squares and icons across the site is unique and matches the site’s branding.

The icons used were to bring an authentic Persian ascetic to the visual branding. The images are of authentic Persian dishes beautifully presented; this helps the user understand what the site offers. We have included stock videos throughout the website, which have been used to gain users’ attention to the services that Dew food and Cake offer.

We have included a Hover accordion on the homepage when a user hovers over a slide that opens the image up.  This is an excellent way to showcase the different pages on the site, alongside images and videos to show what Dew Food and Cake offers. As this is a hover animation, this would not work for mobile devices, so our team has swapped this hover accordion out for a traditional slider for mobile devices to work for all users.

The bespoke menu page has buttons at the top so users can easily access the types of foods they want to see, for example, starters, main, desserts. They can also filter between vegetarian/vegan dishes by clicking on ‘vegan & vegetarian’ and ‘All’.

The Events and Cakes pages have a slider with three images, which simply showcase some of Dew Food and Cakes’ dishes. This is an excellent way for people to see some of their best dishes without having to look through a gallery of images.

We have added a newsletter sign box up in the site’s footer that is integrated with Mailchimp. Once a user signs up through the box, their email address is automatically added to the company account to receive updates from Dew Food and Cake via Mailchimp.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Dew Food and Cake is the perfect solution for the company to really establish their brand identity. There have been many changes to the website however, the most standout features include the new vivid branding. We have introduced a new colour scheme for the website that includes bold and beautiful colours used throughout the site to showcase their cohesive branding.

We have also included a contact form in the website header. This is to decrease the bounce rate as people won’t have to leave the page to find an enquiries form. This creates easy navigation for the user.

We included different elements of animation throughout the website. The buttons all include an animation feature, along with the images displayed and the automatic scroll feature. All of these features enhance the user interactivity and engage the users to keep them on the website for longer. These features are also a great way to strengthen the professional reputation of the business as a well designed and dynamic website is a great way to show this.

The blog pages are custom built through the use of a query. This custom code is written so that it makes it easier for the owner of the site to add content when they wish and the content will be published in the same format as the blogs. This creates more returning users as regular blog content can be published and easily read by the users.

Moving forward, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up in successful bookings.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22