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Oliver Valves.


Oliver Valves Ltd, Oliver Valvetek Ltd and Oliver Twinsafe Ltd are world leaders in Instrumentation, Subsea and Pipeline valves, along with our newly established company for the hydrogen and carbon capture market, Oliver Hydcovalves Ltd.

What We Did.
The Blue Whale Media team created a new website for Oliver Valves; the new website is a ‘multisite’, which means we have placed multiple websites under one URL. This enables them to showcase their four companies on one related website, so their customers and potential clients can easily access all services they offer. Within the website, we have included hover and page animations throughout the website’s pages, which enhances engagement for web visitors. Within each page, we have included animations so that boxes of text and images slide in when the user scrolls and the hover animations have been used on the buttons within each page, enabling them to stand out. For functionality, we have added custom product and category pages within the multisite; there are tabs where the content individual to that product is housed, which makes the navigation better for the user.

Our team has included a few custom elements within the Oliver Valves website, including a custom-built map that showcases their office locations and distributor locations. When the user clicks on a particular region, the map will zoom in and highlight the country with an office or distributor with contact information for each location. The website development team also included a custom drop-down sub-menu; when you hover over about us, this is to make the main menu less cluttered. It also improves the navigation for the user experience, plus we included images within the menu, making it more engaging.

At Blue Whale Media, our content writers curated bespoke content for the website pages, blogs and products they offer to clients. The content we have written has been adapted to ensure the brand image of the company has been enhanced, ensuring that website visitors know all about the key information of the services they provide. The new content has also been optimised for search engines to help the company to rank highly on Google and other search engines.

Our video production team also created 11 Videos Created with a custom Intro & Outro for each video. Each video has gone through the entire production process,

from raw footage to the bespoke edits seen on the website. Multiple videos were created for each subsite, including an interview with Michael Oliver, a Group Overview Video, a Twinsafe Timelapse, Banner videos and About us videos for the sub-companies Valves, Twinsafe and Valvetek.

Biggest Change.
There were a multitude of changes that our team made to the Oliver Valves website to amplify their business credibility. Firstly, we ensured that the different divisions were all under one URL to save potential confusion for users. We built a custom map for the locations page, we designed and built a custom drop down sub menu to make the main menu look less cluttered and added images within the make it more interesting and engaging for users. We animated their logo for the main site which showcases each of the substitute logos for the other divisions. Lastly, we added page and hover animations throughout the sites to ensure users are kept interested and engaged with the content on the page. Overall, the changes and improvements we made to this website will enable Oliver Valves to maintain a professional and credible look to their business.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22