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Optical Revolution.


Optical Revolution offer customers protection for current and future eye health with the most advanced optical scanning technology available, combined with over 20 years of experience from their optometrists and clinicians

What We Did.

Our whole team at Blue Whale Media was involved in the creation of the Optical Revolution website. We designed a new brochure website, branded a bespoke logo, rewrote the website content, shot professional photographs and videos as well as marketing posts on their social media.

The colour palette and theme of the website is monochrome and subtle, we have used the new branding colours and logo throughout to enhance their brand identity as well as help them stand out in their industry. The website has been modernised so now it appeals to a range of audiences, old and young, with page and hovers animations the website is now engaging, plus the website has been optimised for mobile viewing. The shapes on the logo have been used throughout the layout of the website and is a theme on their social media to help create cohesion from the web platform to the social platforms; enabling customers to recognise the company efficiently on both applications. We have included high-quality images on the website that have been shot by our videography team and in the coming weeks, we will be adding a branded video that will enhance the look and functionality of the website.

The content we have written will enhance the SEO of the overall website and help the company to rank highly on Google and other search engines. We have also conducted a complete social media marketing campaign and with the use of images and videos, our team have redesigned the overall look and feel of their Facebook and Instagram pages. Again to enhance brand awareness with the use of the logo, branded fonts and colour scheme throughout each post.

Biggest Change.

Optical Revolution’s new website has undergone a complete redesign to improve their customer conversions and increase their sales. The website showcases a completely modern, professional design to reflect the company’s views and values. With the new, simply designed layout, users are able to navigate their way round with no confusion making it straightforward. This will reduce the bounce rate of their website, resulting in a potential increase in sales and conversions. Our team has made it clear for users to book an appointment through the creation of a bespoke booking system located in the header.

Category: brochure

Launch Date: 13.6.22