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Walking East London.


Martin Scholar is a Chartered Town Planner, he established Walking East London to train urban tour guides. He has been working in London Planning for over 30 years in both the public and private sectors. His family lived in Whitechapel.

What We Did.

Our team designed and developed a new website for Walking East London, the new website has the aim of making the company recognisable and ensuring the showcase of professionality to the audience. The map in the background represents the walking aspect of his business, this has been included to ensure the website is attracting to viewers and engages web visitors. The striking footer is eye-catching for the user and leads them to the Walking East London logo, which our Graphic Design team created. The new logo and website design showcases the company to be professional and ensures they can compete with their competitors.

On images throughout the website, there are multiple borders, this makes them stand out from the website background and helps the user notice them. There is also large text throughout the pages which helps the user navigate through the information and improve their user experience. We included a scrolling marquee text to catch the users’ eye when they enter the homepage and it is loading. The team included a custom mobile menu with a map in the background to keep within the theme of the website, the blue section at the bottom of the menu represents the striking footer.

Biggest Change.

The new website for Walking East London is the perfect solution for the company to really showcase their services and what they have to offer. There have been many new elements implemented into the website but the most standout features have to be the new branding for the business. We decided to incorporate a bold blue, white and orange colour scheme. This is a great way to modernise the company whilst also not straying too far away from the industry it sits within. This eye-catching and striking design is a great way to draw in the audience whilst remaining professional.The scrolling marquee text is a great way to engage the audience and really draw them into the title. Adding in this playful feature is a great way to increase user engagement. Another playful feature that was included is the map illustration in the background of the site. By including this feature across the website we were able to enhance the overall branding and it is a good representation of what the business is all about. Moving forward, this will help the company keep customers engaged and therefore follow up in successful leads.

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Launch Date: 13.6.22