Website Redesign – Will It Affect My Search Rankings?

The web design Warrington team cant stress enough about how modern businesses need modern strategies to reach out to their clients, both existing and prospective. Online presence matters and it is difficult to imagine a situation where your business website is not accessible.

This is perhaps, the most important reason why businesses fear redesigning their web design Warrington. The fear that your website will go off the radar of search engines while you are getting changes done is unfounded to say the least.

Moreover, many companies also feel that a website redesign will negatively affect their search rankings. So, they avoid redesigning their website. They feel it is alright just to remind people about their presence. It is no wonder that such businesses are briskly losing out when it comes to creating a niche online presence.

Take The Leap Forward

You can get a professional web design Warrington company to retain your position on search engines even as you are getting your website redesigned. The first thing to do would be to get 301 redirects in place and a professional looking 404 error page. The 301 redirects will forward traffic to your old domain and you won’t disappear from Google rankings.

You can also use a tool to find broken links and then place 301 redirects to correct them. You can also use your Google Webmasters account to tell Google that you are coming up with a newly redesigned website and get them to crawl the new site.

If all this sounds really cumbersome and technically difficult to you, a professional SEO or website design Warrington expert can do all this for you.

Hire A Professional Web Design Warrington Team

You are redesigning your website so that it looks new, has all the latest updates and is user friendly. But while doing so, you need to take care of a couple of things to ensure there are no negative changes in your rankings.

Keep a tab on the site speed, the site structure, the page age, the page layout, validation of content, navigation across pages and links, mobile optimisation, code and text ratio and Google analytics among other things.

If all this sounds mumbo jumbo to you, the best thing to do would be to hire a website design Warrington service. Experts at Blue Whale Media can help you with redesigning as well as take care of the SERPs too. Contact us today or call 01925 552050 for a no obligation conversation.


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