My Weight Loss Story

Before the weigh gain started

Since I can remember I was always between a size 4-6 in clothes I loved having that flat stomach and being able to wear what I wanted without a care in the world. When I fell pregnant with my daughter weight was the last thing on my mind although the first few months spent being sick I was loosing weight! As the pregnancy progressed as like any other women the bump got bigger after giving birth I was back into my size 8 clothes just 5 days after I was ecstatic and had never felt more confident.

6 weeks after birth

6 weeks after having my little girl I decided I would get the implant this all went smoothly and I get on with day to day life. As the months passed I found myself more and more hungry and would eat everything in site plus more. Before I realised them jeans that used to be comfy and go on without a problem soon became very tight not to mention the muffin top that came with that! With a new baby you just carry on looking after them and not really focus on yourself. One day I looked in the mirror and I was the biggest I had ever been I didn’t like the way I looked and my confidence had gone.

Diet Commence

After piling on the lbs I knew it was time for a life style change I decided to join the latest weight loss craze that was around at the time which was living on shakes and not a lot of food, but as the weight started dropping off and I could see a noticeable difference I loved it my clothes were beginning to feel more comfortable and I felt a lot more healthier in myself. Being on a shake diet means money and this was becoming expensive on top of bills and day to day expenses I decided to stop and ‘maintain’ the weight I had lost. Unfortunately that didn’t happen soon after I found my clothes getting tighter again and again all the work I had put in had undone and the weight was back.

The next step

Now the weight was back on I knew there must have been a reason, I managed to lose a good amount of weight but then as soon as I had stopped the shakes and introduced a good balance of food the weight had piled back on. I did some research and decided I would get the implant taken out after a good couple of years with it in and battling with weight. I booked a appointment and got the implant taken out and instantly felt a relief. As the months went on I felt myself feel less hungry on a daily basis and actually feeling full after I had eaten a meal. I felt different in myself I had more energy and felt like I had confidence again I was now going on nights out and feeling more happy with myself. The weight was still there but I could see slowly but surely coming off.

Back on track

I had a good year or so getting back to myself and although the weight was going slowly I wanted to see more progress. I had never set foot in a gym and used to laugh when people say you should join you will ‘enjoy’ it. One day something changed and I knew loosing weight can be achieved by dieting but exercise is also a big factor to help aid the weightless but also getting healthy so I decided to join the gym!! I remember the first class I did it was hard! I struggled! I never realised how unfit I really was and being a mum and I wanted to be healthy for my daughter! After that first class I knew what I had to do. The gym has become a lunch time thing for myself and another work colleague going 5 times a week! Its much more fun when you have someone to go with! I also go some weekends and evenings along with this sticking to your 3 meals a day is always a big help, Breakfast, Lunch and Tea. You have to allow leigh way sometimes and have that treat but there isn’t a reason to feel bad about this along with the gym this won’t do any harm.

The Future

Since starting the gym and a healthy diet I have lost just over a stone and have seen a massive difference in my shape and health! I still have a stone and a half to loose before reaching my goal but I know I will get there, not everything is a quick fix and I know if I put my mind to it I will be were I want to be. I have so much more confidence in myself and feel a lot better in the clothes I wear. I know one thing for sure and that is to not let myself get as big and unhappy as I was. I want to be able to play and run with my daughter without having to sit down or not be able to join in on sports day etc.

Here’s to a thinner and more healthier future!

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