The main thing for me to be able to work efficiently is to have a team around me who I enjoy working with. Blue Whale Media is no exception and it is by far the best team that I have ever worked with. I have been really close friends with all of the team and have to say that I am proud to call them friends! They are all likeminded people within the creative industry, and that is the perfect environment to be in as a designer.


The Blue Whale Media office, as you may know, has 3 dogs, Molly, George and of course Sid. The dogs are all as cute and as devious as each other. Sid is usually winding George up, George is usually stealing Sid’s bone and Molly is stealing my pizza. I think all of these dogs at some point have stolen some of my food. I have my personal favourite and that is George, it’s a love-hate relationship as I love him, but he is to easily startle to sit still for more than 3 seconds.
The dogs just generally make the atmosphere amazing in the office and really unpredictable.

Nights Out

Not complaining, but Friday the 28th will be the 3rd night out with the company in the 3 months I have been here. I think the fact that we are all close enough to go on nights out so regularly is a fantastic thing. I also love how most nights finish, with Lewis’ head in a grid somewhere or forgetting where he lives in the taxi home.


I think I’ll have to be careful with this one… Stephanie and Gary are the best bosses that you could ask for. There’s nothing that they would not do to help you progress. Gary is one of the best salesmen that I have ever encountered, he could sell me a website and I wouldn’t even know he’s done it! Stephanie plays a key role in admin for Blue Whale Media now she has taken a step back from the web design/all-rounder role. She gives most of my tasks and approves the work. Stephanie is so friendly and seems like she wouldn’t harm a fly, but I’m not going to test that.

Charity Events

My enemy. Blue Whale takes part in a lot of charity events and it’s an amazing thing that they take so much time out to do things for charity. However, the events hurt. As a company, in the 3 months that I have been here, they have done a 5k, 10k, half marathon, Tough Mudder and took part in a football tournament.


A slightly geeky note to finish on. Blue Whale Media invests heavily in staying on top of the latest technology trends. Meaning that I am always up to date with the latest software and that is key in the design industry. The only problem I have, and Stephanie will hate me for this, is that I much prefer, personally, to work with PCs.

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