What is Ethical SEO?

Blue Whale Media are an SEO company Warrington; we improve the rankings of companies’ through white hat or ethical SEO methodologies.

SEO is quickly becoming the principle focus for marketing departments seeking to improve their position amongst search engine results and promote their business. SEO or search engine optimisation, involves using sophisticated techniques to boost the ranking of a website.

The types of techniques used include: managing keywords, creating keyword rich content, building external links to your website and improving the performance level and load times of your website.

So What Makes SEO Ethical? Learn from our SEO Company Warrington Team

The difference between what is often referred to as ethical SEO and unethical SEO is the techniques that are used to achieve optimisation. ‘White hat techniques’ focus on building organic traffic to websites through natural optimisation techniques that do not compromise a company’s integrity.

Black hat techniques are not considerate of the way in which they achieve traffic and often focus around trying to trick and deceive Google and other search engines’ algorithms. These techniques not only have the potential to tarnish an organisation’s name but they can actually end up damaging SEO if picked up on.

Types of Black Hat Techniques

There are several different types of underhand tactics employed by website owners looking to get ahead. The first type we will discuss is link farming. Increasing the amount of links that are directed towards your page is a great way to optimise your website for search engines. However, those looking to get ahead often revert to tactics such as buying links from less than reputable websites to get ahead.

A lot of the time the links that are bought are simply spam and sometimes even dangerous from a cyber security point of view. If a search engine such as Google picks up on this type of tactic, your website could potentially be penalised and your ranking could be significantly affected. As Blue Whale Media are a highly professional SEO company Warrington, we strictly do not utilise tactics such as spam link farming to get our clients ahead.

Keyword Stuffing/Stacking

When it comes to optimising your website, it is without a doubt important that you consider carefully what keywords need to be included and how often. There is currently a myth that it’s better to have too many keywords then too little which results in website owners, bloggers and other content creators losing control when it comes to keywords. Although it is important to get enough keywords in, too many can actually damage your optimisation as Google will pick up on your underhand tactics. It’s always best to do your research and find out what amount of keywords is appropriate for the length of content you intend to write.

Duplicate Content

This one should be avoided at all costs. Not only does duplicating content make you seem unoriginal and call your credibility into question, if caught out by Google or other search engines (and yes they do catch a lot of people out), you will be penalised massively.

The best policy is to produce all of your own work, take inspiration from others but don’t copy and paste. If you need help producing original content, Blue Whale Media employ a dedicated team of content writers and SEO executives who specialise in crafting unique, SEO rich content.

If you feel you could benefit from the help of an experienced SEO Company Warrington, feel free to get in touch with Blue Whale Media today. You can reach us through email at: hello@bluewhalemedia.co.uk or call us on: 01925 552 050.

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