What is Motion Graphics?

It is difficult to describe motion graphics and there is no real definition for it, its usually down to the individual’s opinion and how they feel towards their work. For me, motion graphics is baseline graphics design brought to life.

What got me into Motion Graphics?

Since the age of 11, I have been a graphics designer, designing freelance for YouTubers including myself. I, along with millions of other had an online alter ego and my alter ego gained a lot of popularity on twitter for my design skills and it became a passion of mine to keep people interested in my art work.

How do I go about creating my work?

Although people sometimes do not realise, a lot of planning must go into creating a short motion graphics piece, this is because I only have a short amount of time to get the main point across as well as making it entertaining and enjoyable to watch. I am highly skilled in After Effects and Cinema 4D giving me the freedom to express my work in 2D or 3D.

What can Motion Graphics be used for?

Motion Graphics can be used for a lot of things, ranging from advertisements on television to billboards. Any piece of graphic design that can be animated and is broadcasted on a digital device is motion graphics work!

What is my personal style?

My favourite approach to motion graphics would be simple, however professional looking and effective. Not everything needs to blow up to get a point across! Although I could use my 3D work in Motion Graphics, I do prefer 2D as I find it more effective for businesses.

Why choose to invest in Motion Graphics design at Blue Whale Media?

Here at Blue Whale Media, we have done our very best to branch out to gain the best team possible to provide the client with top of the range art work in the form of motion graphics, along with everything else we do! Find out more about our website design Warrington agency by calling 01925 552050.

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