What is Quality Score in Google Ads

PPC Warrington intimates that Quality Score translates to a Google measure that denotes the relevance of a keyword. The score is acquired through the idea of Google assigning a score for keywords on your account on a scale of 1-10 based on sufficient data. According to PPC Warrington, it means that for the Quality Score to be assigned there has to be a calculation on the number of relevant keywords as found on the many auctions where the same keyword participates. It is, however, important to note that the Quality score is designed as a guide to advertisers and not as a ranking indicator as explained by PPC Warrington.

According to PPC Warrington, there is now the real-time Quality Score which is used to rank ads behind the scenes of each ad auction. Yes, this is it! It is the ranking tool within a ranking tool. It is used since it takes into account a lot of additional factors that the otherwise traditional Quality Score. It is true that the 1-10 gauge matters a lot in understanding a good job you as an advertiser may be involved in, it all narrows down to choosing the right keywords, writing good ads, guiding users towards helpful landing pages which are better captured in the real-time Quality Score.

PPC Warrington maintains that real-time quality score though better than the Quality Score it is prone to fluctuation swings and thus different for every single Google search. It is still important to note that Quality Score may appear to be a rather mysterious phenomenon to new search advertisers. However, it is all about the fact that ads will be shown for selected keywords subject to the willingness of the advertiser to pay per click to have the advert displayed. The question lingering in your mind is why then Google uses Quality Score.

  • Google employs the use of quality score to ensure that the ads the users get to encounter are not just adverts but high-quality ones.
  • It also ensures the users are exposed to quality ads every time and thus advertisers only advertise quality. The same challenge the advertisers to create quality adverts which are in line with expected standards.
  • Advertisers also get high quality leads towards making their adverts pass the quality test and thus impact the customers positively. It is, therefore, a great guide to writing compelling as well as attractive ads.
  • Google is able to increase its revenue due to the fact that other willing PPC campaigners would be willing to be part of the quality ads as well as quality impact the Google ads generate.
  • Google is also able to maintain the much-needed standards in the face of any competition and thus remain market leaders in content advertising. This is a duty that Google has to carry out with diligence and will a degree of professionalism in this changing world of technology. It is Google’s position to ensure that it satisfies the producer and consumer of its services.
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