What is Yoast SEO and why is it recommended?

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) allows customers to find your website. Let’s imagine for a moment that you run a carpet cleaning business in Manchester. In an ideal world, you want people to see your service on the first page of a search engine after they’ve tapped in a few keywords, such as “carpet cleaning Manchester”.

But this is hard to achieve without the help of a plugin. So let’s take a look at one plugin with a great reputation, Yoast SEO. This is widely regarded as offering the most complete SEO solutions for a WordPress site.  

In this blog from Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based agency, we explain the advantages of Yoast SEO. It’s possible to teach yourself about the plugin, or sign up for some training. But if you’re pushed for time, you can always contact us for expert advice about the plugin, or any other Internet issues.

So here are some of the main benefits of Yoast SEO…

Great for meta tags

Meta tags are the descriptions that you write about a page’s content or a blog, for instance. These descriptions are read by the website’s code and they’re essential, because they allow a search engine to match up a user’s keywords with a relevant website.

Yoast SEO gives you simple templates to fill in when writing up meta tags. So you can customise each post and page under headings such as post title, meta description and meta keyword.

On this point, Yoast SEO can give you a preview of how your website will look in response to a Google search. So you get a clear idea of how a possible customer will see your content.

On a more technical level

Yoast SEO offers Permalinks clean ups, alongside Google Custom Search. And it gives fantastic support for Breadcrumbs. The latter are navigational tools and icons, such as arrows, that allow your user to see where they’ve been on your website. Breadcrumbs are sometimes overlooked in the creation of websites, but they’re very good at letting a search engine know the structure and layout of your site.  

Video tutorials are available to explain all the plugin’s features if you upgrade to Premium Yoast SEO. And this gives you many other SEO options too.

But at our website design Warrington based agency, we have all the technical knowledge you need to ensure you’re getting the best out of Yoast SEO, as well as other SEO strategies.

In simple terms

Once you’re up and running with Yoast SEO, you can assess your posts under the headings of “SEO” and “readability”. These are easy to understand because they use red and green circles to analyse your content. A red circle means you need to stop and think about something. For instance, a red circle may come with a message such as “you have far too little content” for one post. While a green circle may say, “The amount of words following each subheading doesn’t exceed the recommended maximum of 300 words, which is great.”

Our Warrington website design agency

Here at Blue Whale Media we’re Yoast SEO experts and we can advise you about this – and other plugins – for your website.

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