What Makes a Website Interesting?

What Makes a Website Interesting?

When someone visits a website, they decide whether to stay or to leave within the first 5 seconds. This is why it is important that your website jumps out and hooks users as soon as they see the webpage. Here I will discuss the key parts of a website that should be utilised to hook people and keep them interested.


Content should be original, readable and relevant. Simple mistakes such as misspellings or grammar mistakes will instantly create a bad impression on the user and will make yourself look unprofessional. Common mistakes such as failing to split content into different sections and paragraphs will also turn away users as it makes the content harder to read. Content should be split into paragraphs and different sections with the use of titles. It should also be short and sweet, getting right to the point.


Images are great for a website. They give your website a good look and compliments your content. Images should be relevant to the content/webpage and placed in a friendly manner. No one wants to see a random image floating around a webpage. It is also important to ensure your images are of high quality. Remember, not everyone will be viewing your website will be using the same device. What looks good on your screen might look horrible on someone else’s screen.


Animations are fantastic. Whether it’s a massive animated image or simple animations when a user clicks a button, they are great, and users can appreciate the little details. It is important that the animations are made to a high quality with seamless transitions, so they are actually pleasant for the user to look at. However, we don’t want to go overboard with them. Too many animations can slow down your website, and impatient people will simply tune out no matter how interesting your website may be.

Call to Action

Calls to action are great, especially if for e-commerce websites. But like everything else, it’s important not to go overboard and have too many calls to action. Whether you want a user to sign up, buy a product or download something, the call to action needs to jump out at them and demand their attention. This can easily be done by making the call to action large, use different colour scheme to the rest of the website to make it stand out etc. But be careful, the call to action should grab their attention but not intrude and ruin their experience.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly

A website will get visitors using a wide range of different screen sizes, devices and software. That’s why it’s important the website is designed to be responsive and mobile friendly, so everyone can experience the website as intended. Google’s traffic in 2015 put mobile devices as over 50% of traffic. That’s a lot of mobile devices and shows just how important it is to make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices.

Blue Whale Media

Here at Blue Whale Media, all our websites are designed with these aspects in mind and more! Rest assured that if you trust us to design your website, you won’t be disappointed. You can see our full range of web design services here or give us a call on 01925 552050 and talk to the team today!

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