What Should You Write for Your About Page?

So you are planning to get your business website developed. You are all set with a brief to discuss your needs with your website design Liverpool agency. However, before you kick start your project, be sure you have written the content for your website. Your agency will be in a better position to design your website with a content first approach. 

So if you are wondering what to write for each page, we bring to you a series of blog posts for each page of content on your website. Let’s start with the about us page. So what should you put on your about page? Let’s explore.

Who Are You?

Anyone visiting the “About Us” page is not ready to purchase from you. They are interested in knowing more about your business. They want to know about your company and who the founders are. They want to know who is behind this business.

What Do You Do?

Your visitors would also want to know what exactly it is that you do. Talk about your products and services and don’t forget to include information about your vision, mission and goals.

Why You Are the Best

The “About Us” page is the right opportunity to convince your potential customers that you are the best. Include reasons why customers choose your business over your competitors. Show them how your products can benefit them and solve specific problems they may be facing.

Don’t Forget Photos

Use real photographs of the team members to add credibility and authenticity. You could also include images of awards and certifications you’ve received. Such details help build trust in your visitors.

Be Complete

Make sure you present the complete information on your “About Us” page. Hire a credible website design Liverpool team for best results. Contact Blue Whale Media for a stunning website for your small and medium business.

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