What Was The Chinese Spy Attack On Apple and Amazon?

The modern society run on technology and computers are the most common products used in almost every office or homestead. These computers are the primary targets as far as cyber security is concerned. When we check our emails, there is always that spam email we receive even if we rarely subscribe to online services. Most of these emails are malicious and are mainly targeted at individuals. Large corporations have many ways to deal with this, and you will rarely hear of any claims that a company was attacked via an email. Any attack to such organisations can be through physical manipulations of servers by spies working there. Most of the time a China spy will be mentioned maybe because of their computer skills or just being taken as scapegoats. Who knows?

Claims of an attack on Amazon an Apple

Bloomberg is that large corporation that delivers news featured stories, videos data and analysis reports to the world. Most of this news is given as live blogs showing details of how everything is happening at every corner of the earth. The most recent report that hit the headlines of this blogging site is the claims about attacks on Amazon and Apple by a China spy who is claimed to have installed malicious hardware to servers of the two companies.

Response to claims

The claims made by the Bloomberg Company have faced fierce response by the two companies saying that they were weak and did not have any proof as to how it happened anyway. The Super Micro which is a Taiwanese-American owned company manufactures the servers used by these institutions has also rubbished claims made by Bloomberg about the attack. Bloomberg contacted Apple about the allegations but gave a mixed-up description of the event.

Defence by Bloomberg

Through its reporters, Michael and Jordan, Bloomberg defends itself by stating that research conducted by the two showed that attack had taken place and gave access to several Chinese companies and federal agencies. To support their argument, they added that a spying campaign was done in the same period when Amazon acquired its servers from the Super Micro Company which manufactures its servers in China. This process could be the entry point of the China spy, they suggest.

Involvement of US intelligence agencies

Furthermore, on the defence side, Bloomberg adds that the spying campaign triggered a secret probe within the Intelligence service. It then reports that the secret service found faulty servers in various state departments and utilities that included on-board warships, CIA drones and Data centres of the Department of Defence. For such attacks to be possible, a China spy must have been involved, claims Bloomberg.

China’s Response

China through its Foreign Affairs ministry has denied the claims and termed them as gratuitous. They explain that the safety of the supply chains was a social concern and it is upon the involved parties to ensure that their products are not compromised. Bloomberg still defends themselves despite these harsh responses by quoting while honouring anonymity testimonies by current and former security officials.