What’s included in Googles Business Apps?

G-suite is a computer software created by Google. It was first launched in 2006 on August 28th and is now used by thousands of users. A massive number of users are business account who use Googles business apps daily within the workplace. There are many apps included but in this blog, we are going to review my five most favourite. There are other great apps too but these are my preferred due to functionality, price, ease of access and being easy to use.

Google Business Email

Business Gmail has a range of advantages such as being fast, secure, easy to use and accessible anywhere from a selection of devises including desktop, tablets and mobile smart phones. In addition, it also has a large amount of storage. A negative to Gmail for business is it costs £3.45 in comparison to its free alternative. You can also give you and your business a professional presence with a company email address (for example J.Burden@bluewhalemedia.co.uk)

Google Docs

If you are familiar with both Google Docs and Microsoft Word, you know they are very similar. An advantage of using Google Docs is it is widely accessible; As long as you have an internet connection then you can access the database twenty-four/ seven. It is also free where as other providers like Microsoft charges at an expensive rate. In addition, it’s easy to learn. However, it does have its down sides such as being poor for presentations and it does always require an internet connection.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a product created by Google in 2012 that is used to store/ share files easily. It is used by people for personal use, schools and business. People from a group or a team can work together on a project using it. People can access the same files from anywhere. It also gives a main user the ability to change people’s privileges such as being able to read only to reading and editing. You have a 15GB allowance for all your files but if you do wish to exceed this you must upgrade to Google One.

Google Calendar

Do you want a way to connect with other businesses anytime, anywhere? Google Calendar does just that! As well as being very easy to use; Built with the user in mind it is also affordable. You can check who can view your calendar giving business departments/ teams a massive opportunity to work closely together by integrating the ability to share their schedules and meeting times.

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