What’s the Right Kind of Website Design for Your Business?

Your visitors take less than 7 seconds to look at your website before making a decision whether to stay or to bounce. Therefore, choosing a website design that creates a favourable first impression on your audience is vital if you want your website to attract traffic and sales.

As the business owner – the person who knows your business in and out – your involvement in the design process is crucial. A professional website design Chester company will actively seek your inputs at every stage of design to create a website that fits your requirements exactly.

Here are some website design options to consider for your new website.

Minimalist Approach

There are no 3D elements or other effects in this design. You get a straightforward design where content sections are clearly set and easily visible to readers. Websites feature subdued colours and a contemporary look. Your website design agency in Chester may recommend this design if you are looking for formal look, a quick loading website and faster navigation.

Open Design

This is a popular design that does away with the usual borders seen at either ends (left and right) of a website. The borderless design gives a sense of vastness and novelty to the viewer. The lack of borders is also helpful if you have numerous menu options.

Open design works well if you are planning a responsive website – a website that fits to the screen size on which it is being displayed. The design is also efficient if your website involves heavy graphics.

Hero Image Design

This design features a whole screen of image as background. You can choose to have a static image, which means there will be no text accompanying the image. This design is ideal for purely physical product-based websites, and for heavily image-based businesses (such as hotels and real estate companies).

You could also consider options of using multiple images using slideshow design, or go for a video background for greater audience engagement.

Avoid image-only design if your product/service needs supporting text to convey key information to your audience.

Long-Scroll Design

You get a one-page website that displays all key information related to your business. No shifting between pages or the frustration of losing your way through the website!

The right website design can make a powerful impact on your audience. With a professional website design Chester guiding you the right way, you can build an impressive online presence on the strength of your website.

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