Who Is Your Website Targeted At? A Guide By Our Web Design Warrington Team

One big mistake many business owners make is to address everybody on their website. It’s practically impossible for one business to please all types of customers. Rather than going all over the place to appeal to all sorts of customers out there, work on creating a niche for yourself. Have some clarity when you meet a web design Warrington agency to discuss your project. Here’s how.

Customer Personas

The first thing to do is to identify who your top customer is. Categorise customers into different segments. Identify the age group, gender and marital status of your target customers. Do they have children? What is their biggest problem that your product can solve? This way you can identify who you want to reach out to. Your web design Warrington team will then create a design that appeals to such customers.

Identify The One

Once you’ve identified different personas, it’s time to determine the type of customer you want to reach out to the most. What’s the type of customer you don’t want to miss? In other words, what’s the type of customer you love working with? This will bring a lot of clarity. You will realise that this website is not for everyone. It’s not for you. It’s not for just any customer. It’s for one particular kind of customer who you love working with, whose problem you want to solve with your product/service. Speak to your web design Warrington agency if you need help identifying the One.

Benchmark It

Anytime during the web design stage you feel something is not right, ask yourself, “what would my target customer think?”” Does this meet his objectives?” This will help bring a lot of clarity and take away much of the confusion. Say, you recently saw an amazing feature on a competitor’s website, and the instant thought was “I want that on my website too!” However, pause and ask yourself one simple question – “Is this feature useful to my target customer?”

Avoid including features just because they are cool. Having clarity is more important than having stunning elements that impress wow your target audience. In fact, it may end up confusing your visitors, thereby turning off potential customers. When you talk to your target customers directly, the message reaches them loud and clear. Your web design Warrington team can work with you to identify your target customer.

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