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Why a responsive website is essential

Having a responsive website is important because it allows anyone to view your website from any device allowing customer or consumer to get the information they are looking for. Not all the people in the world have laptops, desktops, phones or tablets however there is a high possibility that they will have one or more of these devices increasing the chances that people will visit your website.

Another benefit is when you update your site on desktop it will also update for tablet and phones meaning you will not have to spend extra time making more changes.

If your website is responsive it can boost your chances of your site being at the top of the search page because of the search engine optimisation algorithm because of this your site will have more high traffic.

Another benefit of having your website responsive is that it increases user experience because if your site is just as easy to access as it is on desktop then the users will be able to get the information you need. However if the site is not responsive then getting the information can prove to be difficult and the users are more likely to leave the site if they are unable to get what they came for.