Why does a website constantly need fresh content?

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “content is king”. But did you know that the expression came from Bill Gates? Way back in 1996, he wrote an essay for Microsoft that was called Content Is King – and it has become the mantra of website developers ever since.

Here at Blue Whale Media, the website design Warrington based agency, we’d like to rewrite Bill’s words a little and say, “Content is food.” But what do we mean by that exactly?

Well, let’s imagine that your website is like a pet. You want to look after your pet, don’t you? So, you need to feed it. And that food comes in the form of fresh content that keeps your site looking healthy and full of life. But what if you don’t feed it? Then, just like a real pet, your site will start to look neglected. A bit like a mangy dog! 

So here are a few reasons why you need to be constantly updating your website…

You Want Repeat Customers

In ideal world, you want people to return to your site again and again. If they have a good experience on one occasion, they’ll know that it can be repeated. And that’s when you can turn them into loyal customers, ones who really value what you’re offering. Each time they visit, they’ll have a new experience, thanks to your fresh content and they’ll be grateful for the effort you’ve put into your site.

You Want To Show Off Your Expertise

Most people return to favourite websites because they feel like they learn something new every time they visit. So this is where you can show off your expertise, with up to date content about your industry or information relevant to your customers. Referring back to Bill’s original essay, he said, “No company is too small to participate.” So what’s stopping you?

But if you feel that you’re simply too busy for blogs, for instance, our Warrington web design company can help with entertaining and informative content that will also support your SEO strategy.

You Want To Be In The Top Rankings 

That leads onto the next point: a decent amount of good content will allow you to climb up a search engine’s rankings. Your content needs to go hand-in-hand with an effective search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Blue Whale Media, the web design Warrington based company, can provide that for you. With our help, you can post great content online and customers will easily find it. 

You Want To Build A Brand

It’s a competitive world out there, but reliable and informative content does wonders for your brand. We all know from personal experiences that trust plays a large part in our decisions to buy products or services. And the right, carefully chosen words can go along way towards building that trust. This relationship between you and your reader is even better if you can update your crucial content regularly.

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