Why Instagram’s Longer Videos Will Help Your Business

Instagram is becoming bigger and better which means more exciting features are being added to it. The latest news for Instagram is its new feature that allows users to post hour-long video clips. This has been some big news for Instagram as they are now exceeding the current 60 second video clip limit. This will open some doors for all businesses using Instagram.

What’s New?

It has been announced that Instagram have launched the app called ‘IGTV’ which will be a separate app to the Instagram app and will allow users to watch videos that are up to 60 minutes long. This has been created due to Facebook’s vision to break into traditional TV programming. The app will only consist of vertical videos designed for the smartphone layout.

Videos for Branding

Instagram introducing longer videos are great for everyone including businesses. Videos are the ideal marketing tool to grab the audience’s attention and hopefully create leads. With Instagram allowing 1-hour videos, this means longer to sell your services and go in depth on what the services including and maybe even example work relating to the service. Marketing through videos is a creative and unique way to reach the audience you want. 

The Endless Possibilities

This can open big opportunities for businesses. It changes how people watch video and brings it more into people’s day to day lives as smartphones are used predominately now. By sending videos out to smartphone uses, it means they can retrieve the information instantly and wherever they are. They could be in work, out shopping, anywhere and they can see your video. This will mean the information is fresh in their mind and they are more likely to buy into your service.

Different Types of Videos

There are endless limits with videos meaning if you create the right content then you’re winning. As stated before, you can focus on promotional videos that sell your service/product to the audience. On the other hand, you can have more personal videos where you can let your audience in on your team and business, this can be great as you can bring a more relaxed vibe. In addition to this, videos can be used for giving advice and tips on certain sectors.

Start Recording 

So now you know what’s happening with Instagram and the new app, it’s time to start using it! Get your name out there with the help of video in a new and creative way. If you need help with your videos, don’t forget to contact our videography team today by calling 01925 552050. The Blue Whale Media team are here to help!

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