Why is it good that Disney plan to use acrobatic robot stunt doubles in their shows?

When you visit Disneyland in the future, what will you – or your child, for that matter – remember the most? Will it be a performance from a human? Or one from a robot?

We’re posing that question, here at our web design Wilmslow agency, because Disney has released amazing footage of a humanoid robot that resembles a real-life acrobat.

The video shows the machine – known as a Stuntronics robot – launching itself into the air from a trapeze. It then executes several impressive flips before landing in a net.

When Will We See The Robot?

At our web design Wilmslow agency we’re impressed with the robot and what it could mean for the future of Disneyland and its customers. Naturally, it can provide a superb spectacle, while also avoiding the possible injuries that can be experienced by a human acrobat.

But when are the public actually likely to see it in a proper performance? Unfortunately, we don’t know, because Disney hasn’t provided the answer yet.

What’s The Story Behind Stuntronics?

The robot emerged from Disney’s Imagineering Research and Development department. But it was unveiled only a month after another machine – known as the Stickman robot – was revealed in a similar way.

At our web design Wilmslow agency we notice that the Stickman robot is seen as being more “rudimentary” than the more recent Stuntronics robot. But the Stickman was the first step to creating a human style robot, which could perform acrobatics, such as back flips.

How Will The Stunt Robot Be Used?

The Stickman seems to have been usurped by its more agile successor. And the latest stunt robot is likely to be used as “mid-show attraction”, according to press reports we’ve read here at our web design Wilmslow agency.

It will naturally lend itself to recreating the dynamic moves of a superhero – and it can even strike poses in mid-air. And it creates these manoeuvres by utilising a mix of an accelerometer (a device to monitor acceleration); gyroscope and lasers to maintain its balance.

The Scope Of Disney

We think at our web design Wilmslow agency that it’s worth remembering that Disney has an amazing roster of characters it can draw upon for its shows at Disneyland. A quick look at some of its movies from the last few years makes you realise it can utilise figures from Star Wars, Pixar films or Marvel movies. Then it also has hundreds of famous animated faces from its 95-year history.

So maybe it will want to turn its stunt robot into a Buzz Lightyear – he was always attempting to fly in the movies – or perhaps a Luke Skywalker, or even more traditional one, such as Mickey Mouse himself.

The attractions at Disneyland have continued to improve over the last 50 years, and the technical animatronic characters have played a large part in the development of the parks. They’ve progressed from relatively crude pneumatic or hydraulic machines, to the stunt robot that will no doubt shape the future of Disneyland’s entertainment attractions.

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