Why People Are Afraid Of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the procedure taken by blogs and websites to ensure high rankings, higher traffic and better conversion rates. Despite this, a lot of people are afraid of investing in it; especially small business owners.

In order to better rank your website, some work has to be put into it. This is one of the reasons why small business owners are not so eager to jump into it. They often hear that SEO takes times, is very hands-on and at the end, there is not a single guarantee that everything will work out for the better.

Below is a list of the reasons as to why small business owners and other newcomers are very sceptical about the whole SEO strategy.

It takes time

To see the actual results of SEO strategies will take some time. So patience should be a strong suit in order to achieve online success and better conversion rates.

Many small businessmen will see that investing in SEO is a slow return on investment and opt not to indulge.

Others, who will opt in, will invest a lot of money and time and end up getting frustrated with the rate at which progress will be moving.

SEO is time-consuming so it is advised that very busy business owners invest in digital marketing agencies like Warrington SEO to avoid being overwhelmed.

When SEO strategy is done well, results will come but they will not be instant. You, as a business owner, should understand that good SEO strategies eventually work. This should give you the motivation to start and stick for the long haul. To understand more about this, visit SEO Warrington.

SEO is technical

Many small business owners view SEO as a complicated endeavour that can only be handled by IT experts and web developers.

Despite SEO being too technical, there are a few aspects of it that you can do on your own. Even if you are a newbie at it, learning SEO basics and tactics can be done in a few hours.

If the above is not an option, consider hiring certified web developers to walk you through that whole process.


For new business owners, the thought of suffering penalties and other forms of punishments due to a few SEO strategy mistakes, can be a little intimidating.

You may have done extensive research on the do’s and don’ts of SEO marketing and applied some strategies successfully, only to realize one month down the line that Google despises such and a huge penalty has been given.

If you are completely in the dark of how to go about SEO, again, ask for professional help.

Brand reputation

In the past, websites used SEO as a way to cheat search engines and gain traffic to websites. That is why new business owners would be a bit skeptical on the idea of SEO. Nowadays it is one of the main strategies to get valuable information to potential clients.

Complexity of SEO

There are more than 200 things that are taken into consideration before ranking websites. This is one of the main factors that tend to scare away business owners. Big companies handle all these complexities at the same time because they have the resources. It is recommended that small business owners take it one step at a time.

It is understandable if you have your fears of investing in SEO. However, the first step in conquering these fears is actually having an idea of them; and this is what this article is offering.

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