Why it is essential that your business website is mobile-friendly and responsive.

Why A Responsive Website Is Essential

Initially, when using desktop sites, you had to zoom in on anything you want to view on your phone. It created a lot of problems for many users. In 2015, Google made essential changes to its search engine algorithms, making mobile website presence a ranking signal today with mobile-first indexing

Smartphones have become a necessity in the age we live. Instead of laptops and iPads, most people depend on their portable smartphones to access their files.

Websites that are user-friendly on smartphones solve the problem for many people. 

According to research, due to poor mobile experience, almost 40% of users go to a competitor’s website instead.

Understanding the need for a responsive website

A responsive website, when properly developed by a web design company, alters the format according to the formation of the device to give users a more comfortable experience. It works best for mobile viewing.

Mobiles with a responsive website would comprise of design components like:

  • No horizontal scrolling
  • Clear text without the need to zoom in and out
  • Ample space for tap targets

The absence of an optimized website for smaller screens has become the cause of a decline in search engine rankings.

Today, 60% of online browsing comes from Smartphone devices.

At such a rate, it is essential to have responsive design custom-made for handheld devices.

You must consider responsive design as a critical mobile solution for your website.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) generates a network that responds to the size of a user’s gadget through a single site.

The design of a responsive website is flowing and workable as it adjusts to the screen size comfortably.

RWD is essential because it provides an enhanced browsing experience.

Regardless of whether the device is a laptop, desktop, tablet, or a mobile phone with RWD, your website will work.

In the old days, to accommodate the numerous sizes of screen developers created several sites. However, such an idea has become inefficient today because the market is teeming with thousands of device types.

In the present scenario, the concept of responsive web design has become a necessity. It is the best move behind constructing a worthy website.

Advantages of Mobile Responsive Design

Its layout allows users to open your website from any device without difficulty.

With website responsiveness, you can filter essential content on your site for your users’ convenience.

Visibility on search engine increases by responsive web design with Google algorithm update. Sites with operative mobile experience come up first on search results compared to those that do not have one.

Why do businesses need Responsive Design?

  • Extend business to clients and customers through smaller devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Steady actions that can elevate conversions, lead generation, and sales.
  • Bring reporting, analytics, and tracking in one place.
  • Cut down content management of on-site cost and time.
  • Beat your opponents and stay ahead. Up to 44% of massive conglomerate companies do not have their business mobile-ready even now.

Responsive design for mobile in the future

Google approves Responsive Web Design because its layout is easily accessible to maintain and implement like:

  • Acceptable load time for pages
  • Readable text size without having to zoom
  • Making tapping comfortable by adequately spacing out buttons and links.
  • Avoiding the use of Flash
  • Doing away with horizontal scrolling with contents that fit the device’s screen.