Why Seasonal Marketing is important?

Seasonal Marketing has taken over! In the year 2021, if you are not using certain holidays to benefit your business then you’re missing out! Seasonal marketing is a great way to mix up your marketing content to really showcase your brand’s identity.


One of the benefits of this marketing strategy is that you’re able to relate to your customers. Having shared interests in specific holidays really humanises your company and really enhances your customer relationship. It gives you a chance to interact with old and new customers. The great thing about seasonal marketing is that you are able to celebrate niche holidays whilst not excluding any customers. There will always be a holiday that people can relate to… So why not showcase your diversity within your company and show them all the different occasions you enjoy celebrating. Not only will it help to bring in new customers but we will also be able to strengthen relationships within individual communities.


Another practical benefit of seasonal marketing is that it is cost-effective in the long run. Yes, you may have to spend a little more time and money to get it in motion at the start but once you have an effective plan then you will be able to reuse and adapt the previous content for the future. This may take you a little longer to perfect but will be worth it in the long run!


If you are wanting to promote an offer then seasonal holidays are a great way to create immediacy within your campaigns. As some holidays only come round once a year you’re able to create these “limited” and “exclusive” offers that can make your customers feel like they only have a short amount of time before they will miss out on a great deal… and no one likes to miss out on saving money. Sometimes if it’s a celebration where people buy each other gifts then this is a great way to promote deals to benefit your customers. Creating “gift guides” around certain holidays or creating “limited edition” bundles is another way you can use seasonal marketing to your benefit. Have you ever found yourself using the phrase “go on then, whilst it’s Christmas…” People live to find excuses to treat themselves and this is something you can really use to your advantage.

Seasonal Marketing has many benefits however these are just a few to get you started. Don’t forget to make your customer’s feel like you’re benefiting them. Showing a more personalised side to your business is a great way to improve your relationship and increase trust with your clients. As long as you can keep on brand and make your content adaptable then you would be silly not to take advantage of seasonal marketing.