Why Should You Advertise Online?

Unless you operate in a monopoly or a niche that is completely your own, there’s no good reason not to advertise. Advertising promotes your products, raises awareness of your brand, differentiates you from the competition, and most important it will bring you real business and revenues. Among all available channels, online advertising is one of the most cost effective, and also one of the most important. If you’re still asking yourself if you should advertise online, maybe it’s time to learn exactly why you can’t afford not to, from our online marketing Warrington team.

Online Search Is The New Phone book

Let’s face it, nobody uses the phone book anymore. If someone wants to find out about a businesses in their local area they go online. In fact, up to 97% of consumers search online for local businesses, products, and services.

If you have a professional web page you’re already half way to capturing your market, but how about those consumers who don’t know exactly what they’re looking for, and what happens if you’re a new business still building your search presence? Internet advertising will help gain exposure for your business and your web page through targeted ad placement, driving traffic without relying on search engine results.

Impression vs Pay Per Click – Tips From A online Marketing Warrington Company

The most popular forms of paid advertising are Impression and Pay Per Click. Both are excellent ways to raise exposure.

  • Pay Per Click – Just as it implies, you will only pay when a user ‘clicks through’ to your page via the advertisement. This means that the banner, image, or text link will be displayed throughout your advertising agreement, gaining you exposure regardless of whether a user clicks through.
  • Impression – With impression you will be charged for a set number of ad views. For example, you may pay a flat rate for 1000 ad views. This is generally less expensive than Pay Per Click, which means it may be more desirable for those on a tight budget.

Both methods will drive traffic, and with banner and multimedia advertising, brand exposure can be increased at the same time.

Relevancy Helps To Maximise Your Advertising Spend

One important benefit to advertising online using the above schemes is that you can ensure your advertisements are shown only when they are contextually relevant. Advertising networks like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo etc. will display advertisements based on keywords and page content. If you’re selling computer hardware for instance, your ads will only be displayed on relevant pages. This ensures a higher likelihood of engaging the kind of audience that is not only receptive to the advertising, but more likely to purchase your products or services.

Advertising Is Necessary, And The Internet Is The Most Effective Channel

The internet is the fastest growing marketing channel available, and it hasn’t even hit its peak yet. You can engage any demographic in any niche, and the options available are both economical and effective. Besides paid advertising, there are plenty of other channels available for your internet marketing strategy. Social media, blogging, and affiliate advertising can all help you to achieve your ultimate business objectives.

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