Why Social Video Is Important To Your Business

As indicated by a 2019 marketing survey by Wyzowl, 87% of marketers see video as a significant part of their strategies. Indeed, the social media promotion report portrays that more than 50% of marketers such as our video production Warrington team work out to maintain or boost promotion video on leading social media platforms.

Moreover, a Sprout Social survey reveals that consumers find videos as the most transparent content on social media. As a result, 43% cite live footage as the most transparent. Further, 86% of people say an absence of transparency on social media will lead them to go to a competitor. Here are 3 to build for your social media channels.

How-to Videos

The most effective method to videos can be charming and informative and aid your audience to understand your services or products better. Posting this kind of content on your social media records will engage viewers and motivate them to search for more insight about your business.

Whenever you produce how-to videos, ensure you include a call-to-action (CTA) message toward the end. It tends to be anything from welcoming viewers to visit your website or sign up for a free preliminary to inquiring as to whether they are interested in acquiring your product.

Product Videos

Product videos offer an excellent way to boost your conversion rates. Portraying your target audience a video of your product that features its benefits can have a substantial impact on their purchase decision.

Product videos ought to be a part of your social media marketing whenever you dispatch a new product. Conveying product information utilizing video makes it easier for users to assimilate the information than basically reading about it in an article – Video Production Warrington.

Customer Testimonial Videos

These sorts of videos are useful for social media since they are relatable and show your business performance from a different angle. That\’s through customers\’ eyes. Hearing about your items from someone who isn\’t a marketing or PR expert in your organization helps impart trust and increases your chances of transforming viewers into customers.

When researching the correct product to purchase, people often search for reviews to help make an informed purchasing decision.

User-Generated Testimonial Videos

You\’ve most likely already published some user-generated content on your social media accounts, so why not do likewise with customer videos? User-generated video content can present to you a new group of followers with the tremendous potential for shareability.

Customers who publish the videos will offer a fresh perspective on your product. They reveal how it helps them in a certain circumstance or by primarily posting the reasons why they love it – Video Production Warrington.


When building videos for your social media channels, maintain your audience and the technical necessities for the platform in mind. Here\’re 3 tips for creating a video for any channel:

  • Include inscriptions. People who watch social media videos publicly or at work often have the sound muted, so subtitles are critical for conveying your message.
  • Video optimization for mobile viewers. Videos in vertical or square orientation are ideal for mobile viewing. That\’s because; viewers don\’t need to rotate their gadgets to watch.
  • Use clear sound and good lighting. Videos with poor lighting or sound quality reflect negatively on your business and muddle your messaging.
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