Why you should be using Canva

Canva is a free platform were you are able to create graphics for social media, presentations, posters and other visual content. We usually use Canva for our social media and our presentations. It is a quick and useful tool that has premade templates that you can for yourself. You are also able to use your own branding within the graphics instead of the template colours that are provided.

What you can create

There is a range of templates that you can use for any graphic design you want, whether that is a poster, flyers, business cards, invitations and more. Every template is fully editable and you are able to drag and drop your own images onto the template. The main graphics we create on Canva are for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin.

Canva already have pre-made templates that we use and to get inspiration from. You are also able to add shapes, text, images and backgrounds. Canva has a library of images that are free to use. You don’t have to use those images that are provided. You can use images that you have taken yourself like we do.

Graphics Design with Canva
Canva Graphics

What have we created

On Pinterest, we have created graphics for colour palettes and blogs. On our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, everything that has a graphic element on it, it is more than likely it is done by using Canva. By doing this it frees up our graphic designers time to design logos, website graphics and email graphics. Meaning this platform is easy to use for anyone and the marketing don’t need to take the graphic designers time to creat graphics.

We have created our own template that we use for our social media which has our branding and images which has made it easier for us to create graphics easily. By using your own branding in the templates is key. By having consistency in your branding helps people recognise you more and Canva has a way to help you do that. You are able to create a colour palette so you don’t have to keep on adding your hex colour every time you make a graphic.

Ideas for your marketing

Something we have tried on Canva is using it to create social media stories. When we have a sale going on we create a graphic for our stories were we use our own imagery and branding. Canva also has templates that you can use for stroys where you can then download and post onto social media.

Graphics Design
Team Work

Another great feature on Canva is that you can create a team folder where you are able to share templates, designs and images so then you can all access and design work for your colleges to use and edit if you are all working on the same project together. This saves you time by not having to download the files and send them to then be re-edited.