Why Use WordPress for Web Design

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS) and is used by millions of individuals and businesses every year to create the website of their dreams. Here at Blue Whale Media, we love WordPress and everything that it offers. Here are 5 reasons why we love WordPress and why we think it’s one of the best ways to build a website.

Free and easy to use

Firstly, WordPress is free to set up and use. When you’re working on a smaller budget, every penny counts, so this is a huge advantage. Of course, there are paid alternatives for themes and web hosting, but these are completely optional and WordPress CMS is free to download.

WordPress is also an easy platform to navigate. It’s pretty simple to get a basic and professional looking website up and running.

Supports Multimedia

All primary categories of media are supported in WordPress. You can support images and videos easily. With the knowledge that various media types are supported, you can be sure that you won’t come across any unforeseen problems when you’re building your site. However, be aware that you need to use media that belongs to you or has been sourced from a free stock gallery or the original source is credited.

Easy to personalize and manage

WordPress offers a variety of different themes and colour schemes for your website. With web design being a vital element of success, this feature is welcome. For both personal and business websites, you can put your stamp on your website and make it personal to you.

Once you have set up your web page, you have your choice of a plethora of plugins that support your dream functionalities of your website. Whether you need to automatically back-up work or optimize blog posts for SEO, WordPress will have a plugin that supports your wants and needs.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is designed to be search engine crawler friendly, so you can be assured that your website will perform well in search engine results. If you add an SEO plugin like Yoast, you’re sure to boost your search engine ratings and web traffic.

WordPress is also compatible with Google’s new algorithm, which places mobile-friendly sites at a higher importance than desktop. Choosing a mobile user-friendly theme or installing a plugin will ensure that your website will work better for mobile users.

Safe and Secure

Your web security is of great importance to WordPress. The platform makes updating your website and software easy, so you are protected from potential data thieves and hackers with minimal effort. You also have the option to set up automatic updates to your chosen plugins and themes.


So to conclude, WordPress is a versatile and easy-to-use platform, offering its users the ability to fully customize their websites with ease and know that their website is secure online.

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