Why you should use the premium Yoast SEO plugin

Cost is always something to consider when trying to figure out whether to get a particular service or not. The benefits of getting the premium service over the free alternative are always something which should be carefully considered to ensure the best results are achieved. According to SEO Warrington, Yoast SEO premium service has many additional features which are not available to the free option and access to support from the professional team of Yoast employees who are always ready to help. Apart from that, there are various benefits which users can benefit by subscribing for the Yoast premium service which includes;

The content filter for stale cornerstone blogs

The content on your website which ranks highest should be updated as often as possible. SEO Warrington, however, believes being human, we are likely to forget and focus on trying to improve those which are not doing very well. This is where the premium service stale cornerstone content filter comes in to ensure such content is up to date with a frequency of at least once semiannually.

Updates and support

The premium Yoast SEO service also enjoys support from the team of professionals at the organisation. This service is not available to individuals who use the free subscription package and therefore, for some issues which need the intervention of human personnel can become a hindrance to the success of the blog.

Internal Linking

It is almost obvious as of now that in order to rank highly, you should deliver highly informative and quality content with regard to the keywords which you are writing about. The more content which you have out there, the better you are; however, SEO Warrington advises that you should structure your content in such a way that shows which ones are related. The internal linking tool is very beneficial for this function; it ensures the websites written content is organised cohesively. These internal linking suggestions are only available in the premium service, unlike the free Yoast SEO service.

Orphaned content check

The premium service package has a way which can be used for the reclamation of orphaned content in an attempt to optimise the website. Orphaned blogs are the content which is not available to the various visitors and search engines as a result of not being linked from anywhere. Initially, it was tough to track down such content, but the Yoast premium orphaned content filter has made it very easy. In combination with the linking function, such content can be linked, making them be easily found and hence its associated SEO benefits to the site.

Redirect manager

During the regular management routines of the websites, it is likely that you will be forced to delete some pages change a few URLs among other functions. SEO Warrington believes that such changes can lead to various problems if the old websites URLs are not properly directed to new ones. The premium service, however, presents the option of a redirect manager feature which eliminates the need to hire a professional developer to do it on your behalf.