Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Podcasting

As you’ve probably seen, video is all over social media whether it be Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. A video-type that’s always been around is podcasting. Podcasting is usually presented with people around a table with microphones set up and in an instant video with hardly any editing done. Businesses are taking to podcasts to improve their social aspect. It is a powerful marketing tool as it can be viewed by a wide range of your target audience. Carry on reading to find out how podcasting can benefit your online presence for your company.

Another Side to Video

As previously mentioned, video is taking over the marketing world for businesses. A podcast is just one type of video that your company can create. It’s easy to do and you don’t need a whole group of editors to help you if you just want to do a quick live podcast. There is always an option to edit a podcast if you want it to look really professional but podcasts are usually more laid back so the conversation can just flow and not look scripted. By using podcasting for your business, it means you are using another side to video marketing that will allow you to keep up with the latest trend. Additionally, it helps you to post different kinds of videos as well to keep your audience entertained.

Increase Traffic

Increasing traffic is always something businesses want to do, no matter what industry they work in. A video is a great way to boost your online presence as it attracts people’s attention instantly. With podcasts, they can help build familiarity with your audience if they see you posting regularly and gives them a chance to get to know your business better. As long as your podcasts continue, people will watch them if they focus on different topics. Your audience members might even recommend your podcasts to other people which will help grow your interactions and views.

Build Relationships

Even though a podcast is just the people presenting talking to the audience and not vice versa, it can still help to build a strong relationship between the two. Doing a podcast can be a bit more personal than a promotional video as it can feel like the listeners know the person speaking on the podcast. Typically, the audience will watch the podcast because they have something in common with the podcaster or have an interest in the topic.

Easy to Create

Podcasts are a lot easier to set up then promotional videos. The equipment needed isn’t that expensive and you might already have some of it already. The main items needed are microphones, camera, headphones and obviously people to talk on the podcast. All this equipment must be of high quality. When it comes to editing, you can use free software or talk to a professional agency who can help you with everything, so you don’t need to worry about it. Once you have the equipment, you’re ready to go! It might be nerve-racking at first but once you start, you’ll forget the camera is there and it’s just like having a conversation with a friend.

Start Your Podcast Now

Now you know how good podcasts can be for your business, why not take the plunge and start your very own? If you need help starting your podcast, you can always contact our team of expert videographers to assist you along the way. We can also edit your podcast if you are going down the professional route. If you need some inspiration, check out our podcasts on our Facebook page.

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