Why Your Store Needs an Ecommerce Website for Growth – Tips From A Warrington Web Design Agency

Your brick and mortar stores may be generating great sales for you. But, you are with your customers only up to the bill payment counter, and you lose them once they are outside your stores. In between, you are losing several potential sales and customer engagement opportunities: two aspects crucial to your business growth.

Having an ecommerce website for your store helps you tap those valuable touchpoints (points of contact with customers) that could be missed with only a physical store working for you. A professional Warrington web design agency helps you make the most of every such untapped touchpoint. Here’s how an ecommerce website complements your physical store:

Removes Geographical Barrier

The reach of your physical store is highly local. While you may think that your products or services may not have customers in other areas, the opposite could well be the truth. You would not know until you start your own online store.
Setting up an ecommerce website is highly affordable and with a professional web design Warrington company, you’ll be able to get one started in no time. You’ll not be running any financial risk by experimenting on an online store.

Helps Reach Untapped Customer Segments

With only a brick and mortar stores, you could very well be missing out on the customer segment that prefers to shop online. With an ecommerce website, you reach these customers. A physical store closes at night whereas your online store is always available for your customers. You can tap into that customer segment that likes to shop at its own pace and time. A well-designed ecommerce website draws people’s notice to your business. There is this set of customers that is interested in your products or services, and visits your online stores to know more about them, and get a feel of your brand. These people may end up visiting your physical stores for a purchase. You can also generate leads with sign-up forms on your online stores. An ecommerce website design company specialising in the niche incorporates features that increase your search engine visibility and helps reach new prospects.

Facilitates Customer Retention

An ecommerce website is just another channel to reach out to your existing customers with new product announcements, discount offers, promotions, and more. With constant engagement, you are more likely to build a loyal customer base.

With its powerful benefits, an ecommerce website can be a leap forward for your business. An experienced ecommerce web design Warrington team can help you realise all aforementioned benefits.
At Blue Whale Media, we specialise in meeting the needs of small and medium-sized businesses through ecommerce websites that perform. Our team has developed ecommerce websites for several different businesses across the UK.
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