Women working in tech

Women in tech is becoming more known thing as the years go on. Previously you wouldn’t see many women working in tech or owning a tech company. Having women working in tech can be very beneficial to a company as can lead to improvement in ideas and work.

Choosing a career in tech

For a lot of women they would of chosen to work in tech and gone for a job that appeals to them or they would of enjoyed being on the computers in education leading to a career in tech. As people are starting to work younger these days tech may of not been the role that they wanted to go through, a lot of companies now take on apprenticeships and work experience giving girls an insight of what it is actually like working in the tech business a lot of the time this can change someone’s mind and they will pursue a career in tech.

The challenges women face

Not all women will face challenges in a business these days as business these days are diverse and women are seen as equal, if you are going into the tech business the office should make you feel comfortable and make you feel calm to enjoy the day ahead. In some cases this may not happen a lot of males don’t like women coming into a work place knowing their stuff and may make a women prove that she is capable of the job role which could leave someone feeling belittled. If a work place hasn’t had many women working in there before this could be hard for other people to adapt to but having the confidence I yourself and building bonds and trust with work colleagues will always help.

Women working in Tech

The perks of being a women in tech

Being a women in tech and being surrounded with other women in tech will give you the empowerment to push forward in the work you do and feel confident in yourself. Women root for each other and like to see others succeed which grows bonds within a company for each other to be successful. Many women will have things in common and having other women in the work place will give you someone to relate to not only does this grow friendships this will make women feel confident in the company and know they can confide in someone if a problem every arises. A lot of tech businesses are having more women interested in their services whether this being web design logo creation or any other service you offer bringing a women’s idea to the table can widen the views as many women will understand what this client is wanting which can draw more custom in.

Why I work in tech

From a young age I have always been interested in being on computers and even took ICT in GCSE. After leaving school it wasn’t my first option to work in tech and had a few different jobs before getting into tech. When I heard a job was going at Blue Whale which involves working on computers learning different skills and software I knew it was something I wanted to do and decided to go for it. I went from one day a week to doing full time fairly quickly which was great and also worked around family life. I am still working with Blue Whale 4 and a half years later and hope to keep growing and developing with the business for the foreseeable future.