WordPress 4.9.6 Moves Websites Towards GDPR Compliance

 Blue Whale Media are contacting all support customers to inform them about the latest update from WordPress – 4.9.6.

We were recently contacted by the team at WordPress regarding an update that is set to come into play on the 21st May this year.

The update is intended to help websites comply with the General Data Protection Regulation that is set to also come in the month of May.

In previous emails and correspondence, we have let you guys know about the importance of complying with the new EU regulations regarding the handling of personal data and this update intends to make your life a little bit easier.

What is WordPress 4.9.6?

For those whose websites are already using WordPress 4.9, a new update comes out on the 21st May that will bring with is features for simple GDPR compliance.

They intend to be a toolkit for handling GDPR compliance and have been deemed by WordPress to be entirely safe for users as they pose no risk to websites due to them not manipulating existing WordPress features.

What Does this Mean for Blue Whale’s Support Customers?

Support customers at Blue Whale Media will benefit from the update as all of our websites utilise WordPress 4.9.

This means that you can expect your websites to be further protected and compliant with GDPR.

Some of the features include options to erase website users’ data and functions that allow them to receive their personal data via export.

As Webmasters, we are being handed the rains to help protect visitor’s personal data, something that we can all benefit from.

Get in Touch to Talk About 4.9.6 Further

For further advice regarding the 4.9.6 update and how it effects your website, head over to WordPress’ website to read their official announcement or contact Blue Whale Media today.

We are more than happy to run through the update with you and provide advice on how you can protect your users’ personal data.

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