Why is WordPress the most used Control Management System?

So as you will know there are many different CMS platforms that you can build websites from. Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc. But the key question is, why are 59% of all websites built on WordPress? Some of the basics reasons are, that there are thousands of themes and plugins available making it one of the most versatile CMS’s for Website Design. Even our Web Design Warrington team uses WordPress!

Not only is it highly flexible, it works amazing for search engine bots. WordPress was originally created as a blogging software, which means that the coding allows bots to read it exceptionally well. This in addition to it being extremely easy to use, making it a great platform for all business users which want to keep the websites up to date on a regular basis.

What is the main benefits of WordPress for a Web Design Company?

This is where we get a little selfish. The flexibility that WordPress allows in regards to design layout, is just endless. With countless plugin (most of which are free) we can make each and every website look different to the last.

Why do plugins help make websites cheaper?

Plugin’s are essentially pre-written code which allow you to create stunning effects. As you can imagine, anything which decreases the amount of custom coding required will reduce the cost of a website as it requires less time.

Why does the fact that WordPress was originally built for blogging helps search engine rankings so much?

Whilst just having your website built in WordPress won’t automatically mean that you will be top of the major search engines rankings, it is a great starting block. Why you may ask, well let us explain. WordPress is “Search Engine Friendly”, what this means is that search engine bots find it easy to crawl. Now you may be asking what does crawl mean. It means that the bots can read your content easily to see what it is you are selling/what service you are offering. Why is that important, you ask. Well if the bots know what service your offering then they know what search terms to put you under. So a web design company from Warrington, like ourselves may want to be found under “Web Design Warrington”. So we have content with that phrase on the website which the search engine bots can crawl (read) and therefore they know that when you search Web design Warrington they should be showing you our website. The same works for your service.

Is WordPress already SEO’D 

Now lets not be silly, just because the coding is Search Engine Friendly, it doesn’t mean that you can just build a website put a few phrases in your content and expect to be number one. SEO is a complex task and requires various different tasks to be completed to help your website get to the top of the search engine rankings. But as we said, having a platform that can be crawled is always a great start.

Why would I chose a WordPress website? – Ask Our Web Design Warrington Team

Well it’s not the most used CMS for nothing. Regardless if you are a builder or a online shop WordPress offers a wealth of features to help your website stand out from your competitions. So contact the team here at Blue Whale Media and start your project today.

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