Why WordPress Websites Are Great For SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an essential feature for any website because it works by making the site easily visible in the various search engines search results resulting in increased traffic to your website. Web Design Warrington disclosed that WordPress powered websites have high SEO ranking, and this is majorly due to its inbuilt feature, which makes it easy to customize the site. Additionally, the automatic alerts which WordPress sends to Google each time you make an update on the website makes your online content to move up and be easily found individuals in their google search results. Other ways which the platform enhances its SEO standings include:

Fast Website Speed

Google and other major search engines take the loading speed of sites into consideration in their SEO ranking processes. Nevertheless, loading speeds vary depending on the template which websites are using for their websites; therefore, site owners are advised to research and choose the most appropriate ones for optimal performance. However, Web Design Warrington is confident that the WordPress speeds are sufficient for proper SEO rankings and can be further enhanced via the use of specific plugins.

Integration with SEO Plugins

Plugins are extensions which are responsible for further enhancing the functionality of the website. There are, however, several plugins which have been designed for specific functions such as Yoast SEO for improving the SEO status of the website. This plugin has features which boost optimization and can further be used in the creation of XML sitemaps which further enhance its functionality.

With WordPress websites, customization of the metadata is simple. Apart from the platform offering clean code and default templates, there are provisions which allow the website owners to customize site pages for SEO functions. Web Design Warrington believes that the freedom to create unique online material segments, distinctive title tags, and optimized URLs with strategically place keywords is very crucial in the struggle for online visibility via the various search engines. Customization of these metadata can further be complemented by a good selection of plugins depending on the site you are developing.

Mobile-friendly websites

Google uses the optimization for mobile phones as a ranking factor for websites, which is an advantage for the mobile-friendly WordPress sites. At the moment, most people online access the internet via their mobile phones, and it would be unwise to have a site which is not optimized to ensure a smooth experience by mobile users. Furthermore, Web Design Warrington found that a large percentage of potential customers go directly to the brand’s competitor for services which you would have otherwise provided and this loss of customers is bad for business.

WordPress courtesy of being an open source platform can easily be customized to fit the specific needs of users, and their simple framework makes it easier for sharing in the sea of websites online. Considering search engines have access to these sites, it is simple for the Google spiders to find them which improves their SEO ranking.

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