Steps to writing content for your clients

The best way to make sure your clients love your writing is to write top-notch content.

As a professional content writer, your skills are your primary concern, but you need to focus on the client. The whole client process is an essential experience for clients hiring you; the overall experience needs to be as good as the content you produce.

How can you make your clients love your work?

Ask questions up front. The only way both you and the client will be transparent on what’s needed, what is possible and what will happen is to aks thorough questions. You want to have enough information to be able to do the job right, so asking as many questions before writing will enable you to have sufficient content and stop you from going back to the client. Find out the specifics and the background of what the client wants by asking in-depth questions and also try to find things that the client may not think to tell you. If you research the client before you ask the questions, they will appreciate your concern and professionalism.

Get the tone right

Remember, you are writing for the client. It’s imperative that you know what kind of writing they used in the past, be sure to research their tone, style and content. You cant approach the project of writing content as if your building a reputation for yourself; be sure to remember the client’s needs. Make sure you identify the client’s writing voice because it’s that voice that will be building their public reputation. It all goes back to asking the right questions when writing for clients as you’ll become the voice they need, always ask what are they looking for?

Write in your strengths

Try to write in your strengths. When you are passionate about content writing, your client will love what you’ve written for them. You’ll have done the research and written from experience, which will show your enthusiasm; you’re an expert in your own right and having a fresh take will show in your writing. You’ve chosen this profession because you know you’re good, make sure that your confidence shows itself when you are writing for clients.

Sell your work

Sell your work. Your clients want you to give them confidence about your work; they want you to reassure them that they didn’t make a mistake. You may not have to do it if you’ve been in a working relationship, but at the beginning, it’s essential to show your clients that you love your work too. It’s a way of showing them that you’re giving your best and that their project is not haphazard. Try to present your work with both an attitude of confidence and a selling factor that shows your enthusiasm for your content creation.

Respect the client.

Respect the client. Your client’s work often has less to do with how great your writing is and more do with their experience. Respect their deadlines, they have a deadline for a reason and working to that deadline will help them to love it even more. Make sure that the client has communication throughout and that you are still working on their project. Respect their meetings, too; meetings are important to both you and the client. Between you both, there should be an understanding of the project and how it will work.

Communication is key

No matter the scope of the project, what’s important is the communication with the client. It would be best if you made certain of what they want from the project; the aim is to deliver it as efficiently as possible.