Should you write content for people or search engines?

Content is still one of the most important parts of SEO, if not the most important (it definitely is the most important part of on-page SEO.) However, when it comes to writing content for SEO, how should it be done? Should you write content for people or write content for search engines? In this blog, we’ll look at the two methods of writing and which one is more recommended for SEO.

Writing for people

Writing SEO content for people is simply creating fresh, original and ‘high quality’ content that helps the user and gives them what they wanted from their search. This can be something such as a product, a service, a video, whatever fits. But the important part is the content flows nicely and is helpful for the user. If a user searches for a local service in Liverpool, and ends up on a page for a Manchester company, the user hasn’t been given the content they wanted and this leaves a bad user experience.

The idea of writing SEO content for people is if users find your content to be useful, they will spend more time on your website which will send a signal to Google that your website is useful and helping users, which will, in the end, allow you to rank higher on the search results pages. However, this, of course, requires pre-existing traffic to your website, and your users need to actually find your content useful which will be subjective and depend on the user.

Writing for search engines

Writing SEO content for search engines is using various SEO practices designed to simply please search engine crawlers in order to get to the highest spot possible on the SERP for their chosen keywords and phrases. This includes adding the keyword as much as possible into the content, resulting in content that simply doesn’t flow naturally and seems odd to users trying to read it, or adding local modifiers where they simply aren’t needed. While Google and plenty of SEOs recommend against focusing on search engines over people, the simple matter of the fact is this definitely works and will get you ranking for your important keywords and phrases, regardless of what search engines try to suggest otherwise.

The idea of writing SEO content for search engines is to instantly please the search engines and force crawlers and search engines to accept that your webpage is the most relevant to your chosen keyword and phrase, allowing you to reach for the top spots in the search results. However, this can lead to bad user experiences and result in users simply abandoning your website and failing to convert.

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