How to write truly great headlines for your blog and website.

Writing Truly Great Headlines for Your Blogs

It is easy to let headlines take the back seat in your writing process. Your headline is arguably more important than the blog itself because only 20% of readers will read all the content within the blog.

At Blue Whale Media, our content writing team takes careful time and consideration when it comes to headlines for blogs. This is because it is the one thing that will grip a reader from the first glance.

Modern blog headlines are tricky to write as they need to be SEO-friendly and should also be unique and creative. Here’s how to write genuinely great headlines:

Numbers, Digits and Lists

Starting your blog headline with a number helps the headline stand out. Just as the human eye is drawn to contrasting colours, we are naturally drawn to the digits’ juxtaposition next to the text. If you are giving tips on a certain topic, this is the perfect way to incorporate numbers into your blog headline.

Demonstrate your Value

Your blog headline needs to explain to visitors why your blog is worth reading but in a subtle way. The key is to provide something that shows you to be useful and give the reader information that is valuable to them.

Hyphens and colons increase clickthrough rates.

A study showed that using hyphens and colons within your blog headline can increase clickthrough rates by 9% on average because they add visual variety. One way to do this is to use hyphens and colons to split the SEO keywords phrase at the beginning and completing the title afterward.

Ask a Great Question

Asking an open-ended question in your blog headline can draw a reader in. They will want to read your answer, but they may also be more likely to comment and leave their answer as well. The more engagement you can have with a reader, the better chance there is to turn them into a client.

Keep it Short

There is no one size fits all answer to how long or short your title must be. It will depend on what your goals are and where your headline will appear. It’s best not to use the same length for every blog headline using a variety of lengths will enable you to find what works best.

Focus on Keywords

You need to optimise your blog posts for SEO and that includes your headlines for blog posts too. Ideally, it would be best to write a headline that is audience grabbing and makes it clear to search engines what your post is all about.

Appeal to Emotions

Whether or not we recognise why we click and share blog posts at that moment, researchers have found that it is often an emotional decision. Where possible use terms that evoke emotions in your readers and think about how you want your readers to feel when reading your blogs.

By focusing on your audience and structuring headlines, you will be able to drive traffic to your website more effectively. Writing a compelling blog headline is something that you will need to practice until you find what works best for your brand.