What are the benefits of YouTube for my company?

YouTube is a website designed for the sharing of videos. Millions of people from around the world have accounts created and dedicated to sharing content for people to view. YouTube was developed by former PayPal employees in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. It has had a profound impact on media and advertising.

What Experiences Do I Have with YouTube?

I personally have a lot of experience with YouTube, since the age of 11 I have been a content creator. I started playing Call of Duty and was rather good at the game, I soon realised that there was a large gaming scene devoted to the game on YouTube. I started by just uploading clips of me playing the game and then started joining ‘teams’ that had their own editors. As I got older, I started to edit the clips myself and realised that there was an art to it, I also started to do my own graphics. It was at this point I started gaining a large following and started pulling a lot of views from being an all-round YouTuber, people came to me and asked me to edit their things and people came to me asking for graphics. I have roughly 10 years’ experience as a YouTube content creator.

How Does YouTube Help Small Businesses?

YouTube can really help grow a small business, however, it goes without saying that being consistent is key to growing a business on YouTube as the most popular channel on YouTube are those that have high volumes of consistently updated content. YouTube can provide a greater audience with accurate analytics to show you exactly who is watching your videos and how long they are watching them for on average.

What Type of Content is Good for YouTube?

In my opinion, specialised content is far more effective than a generalist approach when it comes to YouTube, especially from a professional approach. If you are trying to grow a business, you are only going to broadcast things that you excel in and want people to see. Whereas if you were just a YouTuber designed for commentary and humour then potentially people would find it funny to see you fail at some things.

SEO For YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTube is a great platform for SEO purposes. Similar to the consistent uploading, Google recognises a high-quality video and will increase your visibility overall on Google. It will bring your website up in the search results and therefore YouTube as a platform is helping your small business grow!

Make Money

YouTube doesn’t just take all of your hard work and effort for granted. If you are consistent and actively looking to make something out of it, they will reward you with a partnership and allow you to use AdSense in order to make some money. Even I personally made a bit of profit from YouTube and all I did was upload Call of Duty videos.

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