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Yueming – The Internet Q&A

Yueming – The Internet Q&A

Question 1 – How much time do you spend on the Internet per day?

About 8 hours

Question 2 – When did you get your first email address?


Question 3 – What is your primary internet search engine?


Question 4 – What social media networks are you apart of?


Question 5 – What do you mostly use the internet for?

Searching and watching movies

Question 6 – What device do you use mostly to connect to the internet?


Question 7 – What is your favourite website to shop from?


Question 8 – What are 3 main benefits of the internet?

Useful, save time and shortened distances 

Question 9 – What are 3 disadvantages of the internet?

Viruses, shortsighted and effects health

Question 10 – What will the Internet be like in 10 years’ time?


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