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Yueming – Travelling The World With You Q&A

Yueming – Travelling The World With You Q&A

Question 1 – What has been the best holiday you have ever been on?


Question 2 – Where in the world would you love to visit but haven’t yet?


Question 3 – Where would you love to live if you could choose anywhere?


Question 4 – What is the worst thing that’s ever happened to you while travelling?

The flight had delayed more than four hours and we were waiting in the airport with no seats and no food!

Question 5 – Do you speak any other languages? Which Ones? 

Yes, Chinese

Question 6 – What are your plans for upcoming holidays?


Question 7 – Do you prefer holidays in cold weather or hot weather?

Hot Weather

Question 8 – What do you usually do while you’re on holiday?

Taking photos

Question 9 – What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever done on holiday?

Diving in the sea

Question 10 – Do you pack your own suitcase or does someone else do it for you?

I pack my own suitcase

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