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PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing Cheshire.

PPC, which stands for Pay-Per-Click, is a worthwhile investment for businesses since it offers an excellent opportunity to reach out to their target audiences. When expertly designed and successfully managed, it is capable of propelling your website to the top of the search engine results.

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Our Services.

As an experienced Pay Per Click agency, we at Blue Whale Media help you leverage PPC advertising to your advantage. We have handled PPC and Google marketing campaigns for long enough to understand the little details that make them really effective. Armed with clearly outlined strategies, we create PPC campaigns that deliver results while giving you complete control over the spending. We offer expert PPC marketing services nationwide, for businesses all across the UK.

Formulating PPC
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Flawless PPC


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Regular tracking
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Our PPC Philosophy.

The best way to figure out why your PPC campaign hasn’t been delivering results in the past is to run an audit. If you are not getting results from the campaign, we can do an audit to find out why. Our pay per click management services enable your business to leap ahead in the search rankings with our comprehensive pay per click management services. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

We believe that if you invest time and money into your PPC campaign, you are able to get the maximum results from it. However, if not managed properly, you may end up spending more than you anticipated without seeing any real results. As a specialist PPC agency, we ensure that you get the highest return on investment.


Certified Partner.

Blue Whale Media is an official Google partner and an GoogleAds certified partner. What does this mean? Blue Whale Media is privy to inside knowledge provided by the world’s biggest search engine Google. We stay up to date with any developments or changes to Google’s PPC policy and this way we stay ahead.

GoogleAds Partner

Official Google Partner

GoogleAds Partner

Official Google Partner

Google Analytics


Blue Whale Media closely tracks the impact of PPC campaigns through utilising Google Analytics. We build up a picture of what parts of your campaign are effectively generating traffic, amend any lacking areas and report back to you regularly with results.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Our Approach To PPC.

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent marketing tactic to increase conversions and improve ROI, our specialists have the expertise to manage pay-per-click campaigns for businesses of all sizes. At Blue Whale Media, we understand that at the end of the day, a PPC campaign must have a direct and visible impact on your sales. Our experts use their years of PPC experience to creating a strategy that helps you reach your goals.

Here you go, maybe add a new paragraph so it’s not a massive paragraph Our team are experts at integrating PPC into digital marketing strategies for many clients. our teams work hard to ensure that the full campaign is working to deliver the best possible results.

Professional Setup

The first step to a PPC strategy is the setup, we will work with you to set up a new PPC account or review existing campaigns to help you develop new and successful campaigns.

Google Ad’s for Shopping

One of Ad Words’ biggest applications is promoting eCommerce, at Blue Whale Media we have experience working with online retailers by gaining traffic and increasing conversions.

Google Ads Remarketing

Our PPC team can implement the online marketing technique ‘remarketing’, which allows you to reach old website visitors via online display and turn them into conversions.

Certified Google Ad’s Agency

At Blue Whale Media we are a certified Google Ad’s Agency, we scale the creation of our campaigns with proven success at exceeding targets with PPC management strategies.

Managed Campaigns

From long-term brand building to quick-fire lead generation campaigns, we’ve been there before and we keep the process as simple to deliver great outcomes and results.

Professional Reporting

PPC needs to be regularly monitored, optimised and have reported measuring success. At Blue Whale Media, our in-house digital specialists report back to you every step of the way.

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