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Social media video production

Video Production for

your Social Media.

We live in a predominantly visual world; people watch videos all the time. With new apps launching surrounding video content, now is the time to increase your brand’s visibility with video content. At Blue Whale Media, we make brands stand out by creating video content that is designed to capture your audience and deliver results. Our in-house video production team use their creative experience to produce some of the most engaging and high-quality social media videos.

Influencer Marketing

Understanding that each brand has its own unique DNA is critical when providing the right strategy for influencer marketing video production. The way in which brands connect with audiences enables them to build credibility and trust whilst amplifying their brand message. By using a recognised personality within a video, you’ll be aligning your brand and values for further cohesion. At Blue Whale Media, our video campaigns are fully optimised to achieve individual goals; in the long term, influencer marketing video production can impact sales and drive traffic to your business. Consumers now expect brands to talk with them, not at them, they also want brands to entertain and inform with the content they create. This means you’ll need to open a natural discussion with your audience when creating video content, our production team have the skills to create video content that is communicative.

Product Launch

With a product launch video, you can showcase your product most attractively, introduce it to your audienceand even demonstrate its benefits. This will help you to build familiarity with your audience and enhance your brand awareness around your brand and product. At Blue Whale Media, our production team have a history of delivering successful product launch videos for clients, increasing the positive impact and engagement your brand receives. The ecommerce sector is becoming more and more competitive, consumers are now demanding more videos of products they see online. A product launch video will help you to showcase your product to a wide audience and display its benefits or how it can help consumers. We aim to deliver the right message when filming and editing your product launch video, ensuring that we create cohesion with your brand and product.

Service Promotion

64% of consumers are more likely to pay for a service after watching a video about it, intrigue and entice your audience with a service promotion video from Blue Whale Media. Our video production team will be able to increase your brand awareness and portray the exclusiveness of your service. We will take the time to get to know your brand. enabling us to showcase your service creatively but effectively. By following your ideas and the overall brief, we can offer the perfect video for your service, promoting your brand in such a way that is inspiring and engaging to a vast audience. By using a promotional video to showcase the services you provide, promotional videos are versatile and can include a range of styles, we focus on ensuring that the video we create achieves your goals.

Platforms we work with.

Our world is more visual than ever; it is no surprise that video gets 1200% more shares than text or images. Our video production team works with platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok and Instagram to increase communication between brands and consumers. We create unique and engaging video content formatted for different platforms depending on the requirements.


£750 pcm

The Blue Whale’s Social Media package contains 3 X video a month and can be split across a variety of platforms. The video can be created in square format for best viewing experience on apps such as Instagram, for a more traditional look we also offer a 1080 and 4k options. The Production and Marketing teams work closely together to create a specialised plan and will constantly review performance metrics. If you are interested in influencer marketing for your social content, then one of our specialists will be happy to help.

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