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2D Animation

Animation videos have taken off in popularity for a lot of brands and businesses because they are a great way to showcase their services and deliver critical messages to their audience. At Blue Whale Media, our video production team have years of experience when creating 2D animation videos which fascinatingly communicate with audiences. We can include music and voiceovers within the high-end animation videos we create, all animation videos are created in deliverable formats to accommodate all platforms. 2Danimation videos are often used to prompt products or services but they can also be used as explainer videos. The beauty of 2D animation is that you can make a complex subject simple to understand, but you can also make it cohesive with your brand, including your logo, brand colour scheme and guidelines. Using a 2D Animated video will help your brand, from audience engagement to driving conversions and more.

3D Animation

Our video production team have the power to give your brand or business the wow factor with their animation skills. Showcasing your business with a 3D animated video can help you stand out against your competition and connect more deeply with your audience. 3D Animation videos are more advanced because the design and production crosses over into a world of three dimensions, but they can have significantly more impact on the viewer. Animated videos can be unique to your brand because it showcases who you are and what you do, but they can convey a mundane subject. At Blue Whale Media, we offer a full 3D animation video production service for a range of industries, showcasing a range of businesses in a unique way. Using a 3D Animated video is a wonderful way to reflect your image, by using your own brand guidelines and colour scheme.


Our Process.


A script will give your animated video dialogue, if it is carefully written and edited it will tell a captivating story. Using a script will give your video a framework on which the animated video will be built, we will write a script based on what you like and how you want your brand message to come across.


Our Process.


The storyboarding stage of the production process willconfirm the overall look of your video, it will give you an idea of how each shot and scene will flow into the next. A storyboard will bring your story to life by matching the voice of your brand to the pictures, ensuring they work together.


Our Process.


The next stage is production, this is where our team will start developing the video and the animations, we aim to ensure that the project runs smoothly so we can deliver a stunning and mesmeric video. Our production team will bring your brand and story to life bringing all the visual elements to life with animation.


Our Process.


The handover stage will include passing over our animated video to the client, the animations will all be inputted and editing is fully complete, we will export the final product to the format you request. Depending on the usage and the platform for example Youtube or Website, ensuring optimal video playback.

Animated Logos.

Using an animated logo can help businesses to highlight the importance of their brand and retain their audience’s attention. Our video production team are able to animate your business’s logo and bring your brand to life, now you’ll be able to make an instant connection with your desired audience. An animation should tell a story, deliver a message in a visual, be dynamic and interact with the viewer. Our professional animation logo service helps to keep your brand on-trend and up to date. We aim to transform the identity of your brand through an animated logo design, it will instantly grab the attention of your audience. At Blue Whale Media, we offer animated logos to clients, we ensure to deliver your brand message loud and clear to your potential audience.


PACKAGE 1 – £750

2D animation

Up to 1 minute in length

2 Days production

Perfect for animated explainers that can incorporate stock footage

PACKAGE 2 – £1750

2D and 3D animation

Up to 2:30 in length

Professional voice over available

Up to 4 days production

Perfect for product videos and service overviews

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