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Aerial Footage & Imagery.

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We offer professional aerial videography and photography services, operating across a range of industries like construction, agriculture, travel, sports and event marketing. Take your project to the skies with our aerial imagery; rest assured that we are fully CAA certified.

Drone Videography

Drone videography enables you to showcase your business and services uniquely, using cinema-quality drone cameras. At Blue Whale Media, our in-house production team and drone pilots who are CAA licensed (Civil Aviation Authority) have spent countless hours practising both GPS and ATTI flight modes. We can tailor our drone videography service to be flexible and adaptable for each client, ensuring we cater to various purposes and industries.

Two main drone videography shots are awe-inspiring, one being aerial shots, which are from high up above and the other being motion shots when the drone is moving across the sky to give a sense of depth. Using drone videography for your business can help to add elegance and bring a fresh perspective to your video content. Our drone videography service is innovative, collaborative and can bring your brand to life, but why stay grounded when you can take to the sky?

Drone Photography

The high-resolution camera on a drone can create powerful photos of beautiful locations. We can meticulously plan and execute each drone photography project; whether that’s capturing glorious images of an urban skyline or venturing into the countryside immersive landscape, we take the time to understand your objectives. Our team are able to capture images from wedding days to special events, site inspections or surveys through to sporting events. 

Making impossible views a reality, our drone photography service lets you capitalise on the impactful views that can only be viewed from the air. We can get that close up shot, intricate details and a stunning wide-angle to give your images the wow factor. At Blue Whale Media, we have in-house equipment and an experienced team who can handle the immaculate details and hopefully surprise you with the final product.

1. Flight Plan

Our in-house drone pilots have spent hours practising both GPS and ATTI flight modes; they are able to create a dedicated flight plan to organise your aerial shoot efficiently.  We maintain relationships with major Air Traffic Controllers around the UK to establish the most suitable flight plan for your project.

2. Location Recce

Drone videography can be advantageous when filming areas with difficult terrain, our team conduct a location reconnaissance before the filming begins. This is to establish what can actually be done and the feasibility of filming the area, keeping in mind health safety regulations.

3. Production

The next step is production; this is where the fun begins. Our drone pilots and production team will collaborate to gather and film all the footage needed for your project, with a detailed shot list. The more footage we have, the better chance to ensure a high-quality result.

4. Post Production and Delivery

Once we have all the footage needed, we will begin assembling the footage and shots that are needed for your project. Our dedicated production team will edit together the shots to bring your project to life, ensuring you are satisfied with the final result and delivery.

Our Process.

Using a drone to film video or photography projects allows us to capture your brand or services from a new perspective. We offer an end-to-end process that is flexible and adaptable for different client purposes or industries. At Blue Whale Media, we believe in creating bespoke solutions for clients; we will arrange an introductory meeting to discuss the project and needs of your business.

Blue Whale Media


With our aerial drone surveys and inspections, you’ll be able to improve and avoid the health and safety risks of buildings or areas which are generally inaccessible; within our service, we ensure to meet client needs.


We can cater to construction and engineering purposes, using our aerial drone services to film residential construction, heritage projects, and civil engineering developments, ensuring we capture every angle necessary to your project.


The views and visuals you can capture with aerial imagery are stunning and will instantly have travellers dreaming of their next trip. Aerial imagery can showcase the best that cities and tourist attractions offer.


Our service encompasses events like weddings, festivals and other special occasions, with our drone footage team able to edit the footage into an unforgettable video to commemorate the occasion.


PACKAGE 1 – £400

30 minutes of flight time

Up to 5 edited photos and access to unedited images from the shoot

Perfect for property overheads, construction visits, roof surveys

PACKAGE 2 – £750

Up to 2 hours of flight time

No limit on unedited images, edited images start at 20 as standard

Aerial video available

Perfect for ongoing construction project, large landscapes, sports

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